– Powerful Project Management Tool for Freelancers


Having issues as a solo freelancer? Solo may be just what you need in order to organize yourself and increase productivity as a freelancer. The best part about this project management web application is that you can access your data anytime, anywhere and you are also able to do so without installations or any kind of software necessary. All you …

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6 Must have Web applications for SEO Professional

Seo 6

If there is one more booming industry that is going to flourish in the online world for a long time, then my forecast is the use of web applications for Search Engine Optmisation (SEO). This I say because, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become a necessity and will be one of the most thriving industry with more and more people …

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Made Freshly

Having any kind of store and having to hire someone with computer knowledge is hard and painful to your wallet when you want to open your store online. Luckily, technology these days is so advanced, that we have web application websites, in which you can easily do anything without any kind of HTML coding, Java or Flash. All you need …

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30 Useful Blogging Tips for Beginners


Blog – your private place to write what you passionate about and no one will restrict your writing. Blogging is the way to show your talent and passion on the subject you involved. Creating blog and making posts is easy, but sending it to right audience is little difficult task. You need to know some tricks to reach the readers. …

Read More – Powerful Backlog Management Tool

Easy Back Log

Wish you had an easier way to manage your projects and your business in general? Wish you had an assistant to write everything down and organize it so that you can present it effectively? Easy Backlog is described as a time saving backlog management tool that allows easier information gathering for agencies with multiple and simultaneous projects. In other words, …

Read More – Easy Language Learning Web Application

Study Stream

What better way to learn a new language than to teach yourself? Do you have what it takes to learn languages such as English, Spanish, Italian or other cool languages? Study Stream is more than a tool to learn the languages; it’s a new way to learn without having to pay for an expensive course at college or by hiring …

Read More – Cloud E-Learning Platform with Google Apps

Decebo 41

Need to cut costs on your company? Hate it when employees have their expenses paid to be sent for training and they don’t increase productivity? Give them the chance to learn wherever they want with Docebo. Docebo is a service that allows anyone with an internet connection to join other classmates in order to learn about management, safety, your new …

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How much do you hate last minute meetings? Wishing you could do your job from your house without having to make calls to everyone, hosting web conferences or conference calls? Yet another meeting, better known as yaM can definitely be a great option for you to consider whether you have a big or a small business. As long as you …

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“Social Store” by – Productivity App

Social Store1

“Social Store” by Categories: Listing, Marketing & merchandising Pricing: 7 day free trial, $0.95 per month. All your eBay items under one “Facebook rooftop” With “Social Store” you can create a customized Facebook profile/fan page displaying all of your eBay items quickly and easily. In addition, the app sees to it that your Facebook page will always be in …

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Mobile Web America

Mobile Web America ( Mobile Website Builder ) provides website integration into smartphones as well as regular phones, while you already have your own website and traffic, you can expand your horizons and generate even more traffic into your website. One thing that makes this website great is the ability to automatically sync the website with the mobile version without …

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iMonica – iOS Digital Harmonica App for Music Lovers


Ever wanted to learn how to play the harmonica? Want to find a new way to play it without ever having to take it with you? You are in luck because you can get a harmonica on your iPod touch or the iPhone and play anytime, anywhere in the world. We guarantee that it will save you time and money …

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Tired of programs where you only have a limit to what you can upload instantly? Need to keep your business running and to keep employees constantly updated with documents? Forget those other programs and just sign up to Drawpr. Drawpr is a drop-box like service in which you can drop documents into your bucket. As soon as they upload, you …

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