Timewellscheduled.com – Tracks your Employee’s Punctuality

Screen Shot 2012 05 10 At 10.58.28 AM

Every professional company need to have a product to manage, maintain and keeps track of their employees and their shifts to generate appropriate payroll slips. This can be achieved through a centralized workforce management tool which has a simple interface but with effective features in the name of Timewellscheduled. It offers a compete solution for any company despite of it’s …

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UserReport.com – Know What Others Thinks about Your Website

User Reports

It is always good to have user feedback for the service that we provide. That will give us a good idea as to where we stand and how we can improve ourselves for a better show. In that case, if you happen to own a website you should seriously look at getting to know what your visitors think about your …

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Raah Tracker – GPS Location Tracking System


Raah Tracker is a vehicle GPS location tracking systems that runs on the iPhone. The application uses the iPhone’s GPS tracking system to monitor your current GPS co-ordinates and report the speed in miles or kilometer. It updates the number of coordinates captured during the user’s session. You can stop the tracking at any one time by tapping on the …

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MetaTrader 5 – App to Trade Fast and Earn Faster

Meta Trader

It’s the matter of seconds when it comes to Forex and Stock marketing. Some of you might don’t know the exact meaning of these words. But those, who do, know that what I’m talking is absolutely correct. Within seconds, the rates may take a sharp curve and the market always follows the path which was never expected. In these conditions, …

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Notepadus Widget – Notepad for Android Smartphone


Notepad is one of the most used applications in our computers. If there is anything to be noted down or if there is something to be made note off, first thing we do is open the notepad page and write down whatever is needed. There would be no computer user without using the notepad. But today due to the technological …

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Plopp – Exciting Puzzle Game to Relax You


If someone had told me the idea of bursting colorful bubbles with your fingers to earn points on a phone screen, I would have immediately said ‘NO’. I have played so many similar types of games before that I am tired of all this. This was the idea which first struck when I came to know about this new android …

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Tarelcus SE – A Sheer Entertaining Space Show


I don’t know what they mean by ‘Tarelcus’, but if it means to be a mind boggling space maze that is full of challenges coming your way to test your mental strength to the fullest, I guess they are not at all wrong. Tarelcus is one of the newest applications in the market that is compatible with all of the …

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Cvmkr.com – Free Efficient Resume Builder Tool


Are you just out of college? Looking for a job to settle down in life? Well first things first. You need a resume that talks about your skills and other high points. It is your resume that will represent you in any company or organization for them to hire you for the job. In that scenario, it is very important …

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Pin’n Find – Car Finder: Car Tracking Made Easy

Pin N Find

Finding it difficult to find your car, every time you park it in a parking lot? Well here is something that could make life a little better for you. Yes, here is a specially designed app that will let you find your car quite easily. Pin n find is a special app that helps you locate and find your car. …

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Directmailmanager.com – Mail Marketing at Your Door Step

Direct Mail Manager

Emails will always grow at a faster rate compared to postcard direct mail, but the volume of emails that gets neglected is high compared to direct mails. In general direct mails or post card services have enjoyed bigger success compared to email marketing, which is seeing a drop in recent times. In fact direct mail is always and will always …

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Clarizen.com – Simple Project Management Solution


What is clarizen? Managing a project with multiple tasks to handle could be a very hectic task. Though we would have different staffs to handle different tasks, still it could be difficult to form a proper integrated system. That is because, there might be various departments in a particular project but it is important that we do all that is …

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Mobile App Icon Designer Kit – 50 Icon Template Pack

WebAppRater is pleased to offer a 50 icon Templates for the better use of Graphic and UI designers. These icons are best suited for all kind of iphone / ipad / android and other mobile apps. The icons are provided as a layered photoshop document (.psd), so buyers can easily work on it. The icons are designed with border and …

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