Dragon Kingdom: Free Online Strategy Game That Tests Your Power

Dragon Kingdom

A mobile no longer remains just a Smartphone when it’s powered by Android. It graduates to a one stop destination for high tech apps. Google apps open up a wonderful world where the virtual meets the real and creates magic. Take for example, the game, Dragon Kingdom (en). Young adults will find complex challenges in a fantasy world dominated by …

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Space Ball: A Basketball Game For Your Mobile With New Twists

Banner App

Sport games on mobile have been the most engaging games that everyone loves to play. However, the major problem was the graphics and all games seemed to be same. With improved graphics and new features available with android, you cannot settle for anything less than the best and this applies to your gaming choice. The new Space Ball, version 1.0.4 …

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Yaware.com – The Ultimate Efficiency & Productivity Improver


If you are running a big corporate company or just a small sized firm, it is wise and prudent for you to maximize your employee’s productivity. Yaware is a nifty software which will help you do just that. Yaware’s comparably cheap pricing from just six dollars per user will make sure that you do not go over budget with it. …

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Shopping Cart Migration Made Easier through Cart2Cart


Cart2Cart is an online migration service for shopping carts; this service helps the customers to simplify their migration process when they want to move from a particular shopping cart to another. Migrating from one shopping cart to another is a very complex, labor intensive and a time consuming process when there are hundreds of products in your list. Cart2Cart is …

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Shopping Cart Diagnostics – Never Worry about Your Website Anymore


Shopping Cart Diagnostics is an easy to use software provided by MagneticOne intended for website owners or e-shop owners to use for checking of errors inside their websites. By using Shopping Cart Diagnostics, you will be able to check for multiple ailments existing in your website/shopping cart. It covers normal ailments like Security and Server Environments to the health of …

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Eventsions – The Best Event Locator App


Each and every individual will have a wide variety of interests and there are many who pursue their interests into their careers. There are many people who enjoy them as a part of their hobby. Some of the most commonly known interests are in the fields of music, performing arts, movies, sports and many more. In most of the situations …

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PDF Reader Pro – Must Have Perfect Business App


As a businessman, I myself find PDF (Portable Document Format) files very useful and important as it allows me to view graphs, charts and reports all in a single report. It surpasses Microsoft Word and other formats and is very easy to use. That is why today, I will be introducing to you a new PDF Reader that has appeared …

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Caveball: Puzzle Game with a Prehistoric Touch


Puzzle action games have always been a sure hit with people of all age groups. These games keep you on the edge of your seat from start to the end. It seems to be a never ending journey of victory with each victory giving you immense pleasure no matter how many times you have achieved the same. Caveball is another …

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Brolmo.com – Remotely Hosted Web Application Services


Brolmo.com is an online web application which helps non-technical users to manage several web applications through its services. The web app also helps in improving the interaction of the users with their respective websites. This site remotely hosts web applications and its related tools which will help the web designers and web developers better use their PHP scripts when they …

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Audiobooks for Android – Every Book Readers Must Have !


Everyone loves audiobooks and they have ample reason to do so. They offer additional comfort besides just plane boring reading and help one understand that which they read much better. Now, listening to audiobooks has been made much easier with Audiobooks android app. You can listen to audiobooks on your android tablet or phone without the least trouble. And you …

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All-in Yoga: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes – Way to Change LifeStyle


All-in Yoga: 300 Poses & Yoga Classes is a paid health and fitness iOS application that is brought to you from Arawella Corporation. This iOS application offers compatibility with all devices. It is considered to be the best yoga application that can be used by both beginners and professionals, with more than thousands of people all around the world using …

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