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Welcome To Guest Writers

A big welcome to all the guest bloggers and writers. We appreciate your initiative to write articles and blogs for our website and we will publish them through our web pages.

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M2S for Spotify – Customizing Spotify for Music


When the app Spotify was released, there was huge awe and gasps from everywhere for the app that it is. It is a complete music web app that stores your playlists online and plays your favorites on-demand. This is due to constant online streaming which makes it less dependent on your PC. These music files have no delay while playing …

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Getmomentum.com – Maintain Performance Momentum for your team


When you are working with a team on a project, everyone needs a way to remember and prioritize the multitude of tasks that need to get done. This is especially true when the team is dispersed across locations, and not necessarily present at the same place everyday. Momentum is a hassle-free goal setting and collaboration app, which can help you …

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Tactilize – Interactive Publishing for the iPad made Easy


The iPad, with its gorgeous Retina display, is a great canvas for beautiful apps, but unless you are a pretty competent developer or designer, getting your own content onto the iPad isn’t exactly easy. Tactilize is a publishing app, which lets you create unique, and great looking cards or content, optimized for viewing on the gorgeous screen of an iPad. …

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Tiny Tank Combat – Full Metal Mayhem

Tiny Tank

Tiny Tank Combat is a simple, but fun, tank shooting game, developed by Hadi Pintarto. The rules of the game are simple – shoot down all the enemy tanks, collect the coins to gain power ups and upgrades, and be the last tank standing on the battlefield. The gameplay is not complex, and you can choose between accelerometer based, or …

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Bonfyre: Re-live Your Bonfire Get-togethers the Bonfyre Way


Bonfyre is the latest, coolest photo management app that allows you to share photos in a privatized way. A bonfire chat is the best way to relax yourself and bring out the best in others. The developers at BonfyreApp.com have realized this and have created this splendid app that allows you to socially network with your friends in a novel …

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ScareCauldron For The Most Scary And Fun Filled Halloween


Halloween is just round the corner and you are already in the spooky mood. It is fun to create scary faces and have fun with your friends and family. However, the mood of Halloween is not restricted to only one day. The fun can continue for the whole year if you have an app like ScareCauldron. This time, you are …

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Kitchen Aid Kit Pro – A Novel App to Make you an Expert Chef

Kitchen Aid

Who would have thought of iPad entering their kitchens? Well, the developers at HitLab Ltd. have. Kitchen Aid Kit Pro is an innovative iPad app that helps you to cook delightful dishes for wonderful family dinners and friends’ get-togethers. Most of the times, we might watch mouth watering recipes being cooked on the television, but may meet with dire failure …

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B Book – Manage Your Love Life with Style


Most of us use iphone apps for managing our budget, career, documents etc. The concept of apps has taken a bolder step with the B Book. Simply stated, the B Book is an iPhone app that lets users manage their sex life. This app is a great way to organize and keep on top of different contacts, ideal for those …

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Lectures Scanner : A One-stop App for Document Scanning


Now every student’s or professional’s dream to take notes without really writing or knowing short hand has come true. Lectures Scanner is the awesome app that makes a portable document scanner. All you have to do is click the document, mark the boundary of the text and scan it. It is so easy to use that it has options to …

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Dragon Kingdom – An Interesting Fantasy Game

Dragon Kingdom

Dragon Kingdom is a strategy development game in which the users can develop and implement their strategies in real time. This game was developed and launched by a Chinese Gaming Company known as the X6 Game. The app was released a month before, but recently the developers had added some exciting new features by making the game even more interesting …

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Photo-Radar : iOS App to Mapping Out Your Photos

Photo Radar

One of the most attractive features of iPhone or iPad is its picture-perfect camera that comes with it. The screen resolution, picture quality and its ability to enhance the contrasting colors in the picture are the factors that make the iCamera a class above the rest. Due to our tendency to click more photos than is required, we kind of …

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