Rails : Involving Logic and Timing


‘Rails’ is an exciting railroad game developed by Belight Software Ltd. that is a remake of the original Shortline Railroad, a sensation of the 90s. It can be downloaded from the App Store in the Games category. The latest version was released on March 20th in 2013 and is available in the 1.0.3 version. The size of the application is …

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Fitness: 100 Ready Workouts – For Fitness Enthusiasts


Fitness :100 Ready Workouts from Sports Plus offers various options for personal training. It is available from sellers Nelurra Holdings Limited Plus Sports. There are both personal training and group training options, specializing in several aspects of fitness training along with therapy for massage and so on. Training in a gym can be quite distracting, with blaring music and other …

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Larky : Leave Your Membership Perks Worry To Larky


Did you know that most of your memberships award you with some privilege and offers? Larky, an app available on iTunes is all set to provide you information about your privileges and perks that you deserve for the membership you have taken. There are hundreds and thousands of organizations which are tied with another one and members from one organization …

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Aces Gin Rummy : Play it ‘Traditional’

Gin Rummy

When it comes to a combination of strategy and luck, nothing can be better than card games. They are the most versatile indoor game that is loved all across the world and maybe some of the earliest traditional games that have made their way into our lives. Also, it is the only game which is still unaffected by a modern …

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ScareTimer – Scare Prank Android App Review


You can use the ScareTimer-Scare Prank for scaring or startling your friends and even make a recording of the gag. It is an application aimed at amusement and for making practical jokes on others. The user can even set a video of a screaming ghoul in a delayed response format and then give the app to a friend or to …

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Yeloworld : Make Cheap Calls and Avoid Shock Bills


YeloApp from RBN B.V. allows users to connect with anyone all over the world by means of making cheap calls. They can make these calls either from their fixed landline number or their regular mobile phones. The rates are also very cheap, being almost 99% cheaper than other network operator prices. It is also much cheaper than other services, such …

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Marketingstick.com – Best Way to Measure Your Business Reach

Marketing Stick

MarketingStick is an application that can be easily used for organizing and measuring your marketing efforts. According to Karl Pearson, “That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially. MarketingStick is a simple analytics app that can offer you an accurate estimate of the marketing reach of your business. Features You can measure the number of …

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SportStreet : The Ultimate Sports Fan Experience


Sports fans will surely love this new, super fun app SportStreet from Sport Street Inc. You need to have iTunes installed and must have an active iTunes account in order to download and then install the application. The app offers access to an exciting world of sports and is compatible with the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad. System …

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SurveyToGo: Mobile Survey Software for Businesses

Survey To Go

Creating surveys and analyzing their results is not a simple task. However, the recent times have seen robust development in mobile surveys technology. Mobile surveys are efficient, streamlined and beneficial in ways that other survey formats can never match. Designed to make field surveys easier and more productive, SurveyToGo is a Tablet survey software that helps users efficiently conduct mobile …

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Word Drift Puzzle: A Refreshing Word Making Game

Word Puzzle

Word games and puzzles related to the game are always quite exciting. Some word games exceed the mark of just word making and they come with a target to fulfill. Word Drift Puzzle is one such word game which is a great balance between word search puzzle and 15-puzzles. It is an exciting game introduced by tmeta.com which includes 80 …

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Why is an iPad Useful?


The iPad can be used for several purposes. This useful notebook has a number of applications which can be used for different things. Apart from the applications one can download, the iPad comes with default applications such as: Calendar Contacts Email YouTube Notes Apart from these, there are also other applications which can be used by people interested in Social …

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Secrets for Making a Perfect SEO for Small Businesses

Perfect Seo

Starting a small business is not that easy. You have to put a lot of thought into it before analyzing the next step. However, SEO is needed for making your business much easier to manage. The Search Engine Optimization mechanism is the only way you can be able to survive in your business online and in the markets today. Here …

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