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Effective Marketing is the key to the success of any business, since you can sell your products only when you reach your customers through the effective medium which is attractive and is of value at the same time. In today’s internet world websites have become one of the most effective ways to communicate with your customers and to market your …

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TaskCracker: Visual Task Management for Outlook Tasks

Taskcracker Large Banner

TaskCracker is a small add-in that hugely changes your perception of the software we use for work: MS Outlook. Well, if not all of us, yet a huge part of office workers got used to this tool. While there are colorful and nice-looking applications for visual task management, we haven’t had an opportunity to use those practices for our Outlook …

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Shake Islands Adventure – Building your Kingdom

Shake Islands

Shake Islands Adventure is a free app developed by fudog.org for Android 2.1 and upwards. In this game, you can fulfill your dreams by getting rewards for building a ship and going to another island. Here, you can exploit the new and fresh area. You are basically provided with a bar for making money and building the ship with materials. …

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Clashot : Earning a Side Income with Photography


Clashot is a free app developed by Depositphotos. Just imagine what it would be like if you were able to take photographs from the iPhone and then just add a few filters to create a stunning image. To add to this, you will even get paid for doing this. This is an app that amateur photographers can make use of …

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Jump out : Freedom from the Box


Jump Out is a new app for the Android platform developed by Tap TapBoom Games. It has a very simple concept that has been beautifully executed. The game involves helping different types of insects to escape or jump out from the enclosure of the four walls in a box. There are different types of fans and cogs along with barricades …

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Vampire Run : An Arcade Type Running Game


Vampire Run is a free app on the lines of an endless runner, developed by Cinder Game for the iOS. It can be downloaded from the games category and consists of an endless 2D running from the left to the right, with the surroundings whipping past. The vampire awakens after sleeping for thousand years and is hungry for blood and …

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Canoodle : Helping you Find your Ideal Partner


Canoodle is a new social dating service that can help you connect with others based on Facebook interests. The app has been developed by Cupid plc and works by looking at shared interests, such as your favorite topics, the pages you like and the people you follow. These are then matched with other people having similar pursuits. The existing profiles …

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Music Tubee : The Best Music Player for All Times

Music Tubeee

Listening to Music is a favorite hobby for millions of people all over the world. Internet and the availability of music online has been a blessing for many, since we no longer need to record our favorite songs by doing endless searches. Any song can be listened to whenever and wherever we want with the help of technologies such as …

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Big Data and Its Role in the Business

Big Data

According to the research of MGI and McKinsey’s Business Technology Office, it has been found that the big data act as the key of many important issues such as consumer surplus, innovation, competition any many such allied things. MGI analyzed big data in the five domains such as healthcare, public sector, retain, manufacturing and personal location data in various countries …

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iLiving App : Making Some Quick Money


Today, mobile apps are the in-thing. There are numerous apps that cover a variety of functions available. If you happen to have some extra time on your hands and a will to make some extra income, then all you need is the iLiving App. There are huge profits you can make from this ever-expanding industry with little effort. The Inspired …

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Note Anytime App – The All-in-one Note taking app

Note Anytime Copy

Human minds often forget things very easily, which is why we always like to make a note of important things while we go for shopping and also about other important events, dates and activities. Note taking has been an integral part of human race since its early inception, history of many great events is the existing proof. The advent of …

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Present Perfect : Present Yourself As You Want


It’s almost a habit for me now to get nervous and surrender to the circumstances whenever I’m meant to give a presentation in front of a number of people who are always looking into my eyes to see if I’m confident enough when I’m not. The main problem that I always encounter is that we’re always meant to give the …

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