EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest – Revive Your Memory

Eye Spy

Have you ever played memory games where you had to remember the items according to the correct order and then find them out to win points? The concept is quite common but when it is represented in a manner that it is a visual treat then it takes a new dimension. EyeSpy: Hidden Objects Quest is such a memory game …

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Direct the Story in Your Fashion with MovieMaze

Movie Maze

Have you ever imagined yourself as a movie star? There are people who want to become a movie star and direct a movie of their own or imaging directing their favorite movies with their own track. However, in real life, this is not possible and the dream stays as a dream. With MovieMaze you can at least make your dream …

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Symbyoz.com : Do More Things By Sharing Your Ideas


Inspiring each other and drawing energy from each other is the basis of our survival, it is how new ideas are born and great innovations are made. Even though people are more connected with one another with the help of different social media, having meaningful conversations and making note of important ideas by recognizing things which are important to one …

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Create your own security surveillance system with PC2ME +5.0 App


The digital revolution and advancements made in the electronic and electrical fields have contributed to the widespread use of Internet, and security issues have become the chief concern for each and every individual throughout the world. Information and data security is one of the foremost concerns these days for individuals as well as organizations but combining that with a physical …

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Droid Over Wifi – For Easy File Transfer


We take many pictures, videos and download several important files on our smart phones. Smart phones have made it very easy to download and store data and files. However, most of us feel it is a complicated process to copy the files from your phone or any android device to your desktop or laptop. Droid over Wifi is an android …

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Gala Bingo – The World of Bingo on Your FingerTips

Gala Bingo

No matter how hard working you are, you always need a favour of your luck. Some say that the ratio of hard work and luck goes as 95% to 5%. However, the equation seems to be very different in case of Bingo. Though most of you would be knowing what Bingo is, still it’s a game of luck and i …

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Find the Hidden Treasures in Temple Tour HD

Temple Tour

Treasure games with action added to the whole sequence are always quite engaging. Games where you require finding your way out to the exit point can be confusing yet thrilling and that is what makes Temple Tour HD a must download app on iTunes. The app is available both for iPad and iPhone users and the graphics of the game …

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Pillman:the loop of fire – Standard Puzzle Game


You can never get bored of puzzle games. No matter how old you are puzzle games are always interesting, challenging and engaging. Pills – the loop of fire is like no other ordinary puzzle game you have ever played. The game has no static levels to finish and increase your scores. The player has complete control over the game and …

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Improve you vocabulary with Wellwrite!

Well Write

There are many times when you would suddenly forget to spell certain English words or there are those words which are always confusing and you somehow manage to forget the spellings every other time. This happens with most of us. If you are looking for ways to check your English language knowledge and improve your vocabulary, then Wellwrite is the …

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Keepify.com – Retain Your Old Customer with Keepify Support


Companies are ready to spend a lot of money in order to gain customers but there have been surveys that prove that it is always good to retain customers than to acquire new ones. While new customers have chance of providing you with business, the loyal ones will surely give you business for a long run and that would make …

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Do More than Just Shifting Gears with SkidPad 3D


The adrenalin rush that can be provided by a perfectly designed racing game cannot be found anywhere else. There are several racing games available for the android users but the games that are most entertaining and fun to play are not those drag racing games where you don’t have to do anything but to just move your vehicle towards the …

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Recruitment Software: The Best In The Field

Recruitment Software

If you’ve ever worked in a staffing agency, you’d know the importance of recruitment Software. In webapprater, we present you with a full list of recruiting software.

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