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Android technology has opened up the scope of entertainment with lots of apps ready to download. There are apps that are made for playing and fun while there are other apps that make your phone really smart by adding some value to it. However, the jungle of apps is becoming dense everyday and finding the right app can be a …

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25 Days of Christmas – Holiday Advent Calendar 2013 :Perfect Day Counter Game

Free Apps

A traditional calendar application which is used to count the number of days remaining until Christmas, starting December 1st 2013. Although it’s a calendar application in the form of counter, it doesn’t stop there as a normal calendar application. It gives you variety of entertainments in the form of Mini-Games, Music and Puzzles, etc. It’s a quiet interesting application with …

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Safe- Safety App for iPhone and iPad


Most of the mobile devices are privy to sensitive and personal data in which case you would want to secure and protect them. Safe by phnsft is an app that allows you to secure and organize your sensitive data. The app is designed specifically for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Safe capitalizes on the rich user interface that iPhone …

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ContactMetrics: Providing Better Customer Service through Analytics

Contact Metrics

If you are a website or online business, especially one that receives a number of inbound leads, Contact Metrics, as its name suggests will provide metrical data about your customers who contact you. ContactMetrics is a software as a service (SAAS) that lets users create and customize HTML forms for websites. This service offers a drag-and-drop form builder that allows …

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AvFX – Spice up Your Instagram Videos


If you are looking to spice up your Instagram videos with some cool effects and background music, AvFX can lend a helping hand. AvFX by Chee Ket Yung is a video recording and editing iOS app that lets you record beautiful moments in life by just tapping. You can share the edited videos on Instagram, Twitter,Facebook, YouTube and more. Filter …

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Learn French by Loquella: Learn French on the Go


Whether it is because of the musicality, charming tones, or softness of the language, French has been named the sexiest language in the world according to an international poll of globetrotters. Loquella LLC now brings this la langue Française to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Learn French by Loquella is an app that lets language enthusiasts learn French on …

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QuickSchedule : A Quick Schedule Every Week

Quick Schedule

There are many differences between large and small organizations. For example, if you’ve ever visited a big retail chain like Wal-Mart, then you’ll find it very well managed and most of the work is computerized. They use Software specifically designed as per their needs and there are many employees working under different departments. In contrast, what you normally see in …

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Call Recorder|Total Recall 2 : In the Best Way Possible

Total Recall

Call recording software are normal nowadays and we have one such Software today in our review apartment. Call Recorder Total Recall 2 is the latest Android app that has been developed by Killer Mobile and requires Android 2.3 or any later version of the OS. There are many other similar apps in the market but this one is different due …

Read More : Gives Wings To Your Creativity


Designing magazines or brochures is a very difficult job. It’s a creative process but even if you’ve a good thought in hand, you need some good tools to craft it the same way as you want. There are many products from Adobe such as InDesign, Photoshop which allow you to create digital designs and use them for print media as …

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The Cadillac of Poker Is Here to Entertain the Poker Lovers


For poker fans, Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular variations of the game. This member of the poker family has been very successful in recent years and has become one of the preferred formats of the game for veteran and new players alike. The unofficial world championship of poker is now played as No Limit Texas Hold’em, and …

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One Touch Dial- Stay in Touch with Single Touch

One Touch Dial1

While you can do so much with your iPhone, the most basic and quintessential function is that of a phone. The phone and contact applications of Apple are roughly crude, making way for better options. For this very reason, a number of app developers have been working on solutions for easy dialing. While some have worked out, others have not. …

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GetDrip – Turn Your ‘VISITORS’ into ‘CUSTOMERS’


As a website owner, you must know how to convert your visitors into your customers. Suppose you are running an online shopping website. Then there are so many internet users who visit your website daily. But do you know how many of them actually buy products from you? There are many tools to review such data and Google Analytics is …

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