Elmedia – Mac Media Player : Review

Elmedia Apps400

Every Apple Mac comes with QuickTime Player. However, there are several missing features in there that restricts how Mac users view and handle the videos they watch. With the help of Elmedia Player, many of these limitations can be removed. However, there are still some shortfalls of this software. Layout The interface is pretty much similar to that of iTunes. …

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My Alarm Clock- Android App Review

Alarm Clock Appslisto

Have you been searching for a perfect alarm that will wake you up in the morning? Are you tired of those wall alarms that produce weird sounds that are not appealing? Today I am introducing to you a new alarm clock that is just excellent. A very creative developer known as Apalon Apps has released a new android alarm known …

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Manage Credit Card Instantly: High Quality Managing and Tracking

Credit Card

The ability of an individual to manage credit card at any time or day can be quite amazing. This will not only save on time trying to track different transactions but also help an individual to efficiently undertake different operations with a peace of mind. In this current dynamic world where credit cards play a critical role in undertaking transactions, …

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Cinderly App:Try Out Fashionable Customized Styles

Cinderly Apps400

The world of fashion has always exhibited amazing and colorful designs that have left the crowd with a spectacle. Ranging from mermaid outfits to Kawaii designs, the celebrities have always been on the forefront in showcasing these amazing designs. The good news is that the Theoretical Mass LLC is giving the users of its amazing Cinderly app an opportunity to …

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Scenic App: Incredible Tracking and Navigation Tool for an Epic Ride

Scenic Apps400

Planning to go for a tour imminently using navigable routes? This could be quite fascinating. The presence of amazing sceneries alongside the road as one ride can create a great sense of feeling and make that trip worth going. However, the problem could emanate especially if the paths cannot be properly navigated. In the past, many travelers have opted to …

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Hottest Apps of this Year that You Simply Must Have


There are lots of apps on the internet to download. But you can’t certainly download everything unless you’re sure that what you’re downloading will serve your purpose. And then there are space constraints on mobile devices. It is always good to free up clutter on your smart phone or tablet to make the UI look neat and organized. So in …

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Robot Clash Run- Protect The World Against Attacks From Evil Robots


The ardent game players have a reason to smile since the introduction of the amazing Robot Clash Run. This game which has been recently updated on 27th July, 2016 has been developed by Abhishek Gupta. This amazing app game comes with a unique experience where the players are expected to defend the earth by attacking the intruders who appear to …

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Pokemon Go – Exciting News to Read !


Pokemon Go is on everyone’s fingertips, well, literally. The immersive game, on the smartphones running on iOS or Android OSs, has practically swept the gaming world by storm. It has become a routine sight on the streets, wherever you go to find people boys and girls and the not so young even, lost in the game and searching for the …

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Make a change with Solidarity App

Solidary Appslisto

Changing the world has never been easier. This is a great app from the first touch. You have maybe wondered how you could affect the planet in some good manner. Helping someone is the best way. This is what Solidarity App teaches us. Help someone in order to create a better place for everyone. Not too many apps have the …

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