BookScanner Pro-App Review

Book Scanner Appslisto 700x430

Facing many competitors in the current ‘tech-savvy’ world from Android, Apple is also getting wonderful applications which will make you feel proud to own an apple device. One of the shining stars in Appstore is the smart scanning application – BookScanner Pro. This Appstore application makes your iphone an intelligent and quick scanner. Developed by ABBYY after over two years …

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Flying Witch Mania iOS Game Review

Flying Witch 700x466

Flying Witch Mania is an outstanding game that features witches and is incredibly interesting. Basically the story line is based on witchcraft featuring Makoto, who is a 15 years old witch. The player is required to help with navigating the dangerous terrains and improvise new moving strategies to ensure that the witch does not burn. Witch stories are often interesting, …

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PersonalityMatch iPhone App Review

Personality Test 700x466

Basic Overview This app basically gives the user a quiz to help determine their personality. The series of questions are used to help determine what you would do in certain situations other questions are general. The app uses these answers to formulate a hypothesis to narrow down your personality. Personality Match is available in the app store for IOS, and …

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Hexa Dots – Truly Mind Trapping App

Hexa Thunder

Hexa Dots, the new viral dots game in the Apple market, has trapped plenty of players in its hundred different levels. The game occupies a very small space in your iPhone or iPad but takes a large amount space from the normal life. Once addicted, the matching never stops. With simple and easy playing rules, the game is perfect for …

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Connexion – Wonderful Dating App

Connection Appstimes 700x420

Are you tired of hookups and fake relationships? Looking for a guy or girl with whom you can share everything and make a connection with them? Then, no more guys, I will help you find your perfect soul-mate. Everyone needs a partner who is trustworthy, with whom you will spend your whole life. It’s not easy, however, not difficult too. …

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Scan and Play the Vegas Palms Casino App with Free $10

Vegas Palms Webapprater

One of the big growth areas in apps in recent times has been the casino app. While this means there are now lots to choose from, there are also some who offer less security and a lower standard of games than others. One of the apps that stands out from the crowd in terms of quality, security and the bonuses …

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Gaminator App Cover 700x403 1

Are you tired of visiting remote destinations to find the slots you seek? Is it taking time and costing you so much money? Then, no more guys, there are plenty of online gambling sites that devote themselves entirely to the games, but few that put a focus on slots. Gaminator is one of the few, which is an online game …

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Askers – Android App Review

Asker Appslisto

This is my review of Askers, an Android app. It is a free social application that is rated T for Teens. The app lets you sign up with facebook or twitter and use your information from those profiles to create an account. Basically, the app has a number of ‘Answerers’, or upper-middle class reputable professionals residing in cities. Each of …

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Brew Guru: App Review


If you love beer, then the Brew Guru is a must-have app. This helpful app is from the American Homebrewers Association and it was created because beer lovers needed something that “does beer better.” Even though the app was created by the AHA, the app itself is geared to any and all beer drinkers, especially those who want to know …

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Check Out These Fun Things to Do on Your Smartphone

Smart Phone Fun

Face it, from everything related to work and all of your downtime, your smartphone is your lifeline to the rest of the world. If you’ve ever left your smartphone at home, chances are that you risked being late for work or an appointment just so you could turn around and retrieve it from home. While smartphones can be a valuable …

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How Royal Vegas Online Casino App Is Setting the Standard of Mobile Casinos

Casino War 1

When it comes to online gaming, the Royal Vegas online casino app is a leading choice for any novice or pro gamer. Gone are the days when winning mega bucks was restricted to a land-based casino. Now you can cash in on real money rewards anywhere, anytime. The Royal Vegas online casino app is a high-class mobile software, specially designed …

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Mobile vs Desktop Casino Experience – Not What You Were Thinking

Mobile Vs Tablet

A couple of years ago, you’d have faced criticism and ridicule for claiming that mobile devices would challenge dedicated gaming rigs at home. After all, it was easy for people to oppose your view because the state of the art of mobile devices back then included the iPhone 3G, HTC G1, Blackberry Storm, and Palm Treo Pro. If you compared …

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