Oil Price: Energy News – Get Regular Updates of Oil Prices and Energy News instantly


Have you ever wondered why the oil prices are not constant? Why are they going up and down every single day. Yes, as a commoner we often have worries about the immediate oil price hikes. If there is one app that provides regular updates on their prices, then it would be greatly useful. Right? The app, Oil Price : Energy …

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Invite guests with style using video invitation through Inviter’s “Video Invitation Maker”


There are so many apps out there which are available making different and unique online invitations. Making video is a challenge especially with animations and other cool effects. Here I would like to introduce a cool new app “Video Invitation Maker” by Inviter.com. Using this app, one can make Video Invitations within 5 to 10 minutes. It is available in …

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Why is to encode the video formats important?


Most people tend to not place that much importance on the format of videos, and many may not even notice them. However if you’re in a position where you have to encode your videos and choose a format, you should know that the choice you make is actually very important. The Role of Video Formats Just like any other file …

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The Share Market Live Trading App is one of the leading mobile apps in digital trading in India. This Edelweiss Mobile Trader App offers real-time trading updates to millions of online traders of its users in India. The app feeds online traders with real-time information on stock markets which is a necessity in online trading. The App is a product …

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The Best Educational Apps for Kids — iOS Apps for Learning


The Best Educational Apps for Kids Over the last few decades, educational trends have changed dramatically. With the emergence of smartphones and the Internet, education has become more accessible for people of all ages. Thanks to a large number of mobile learning apps, the communication gap between learners and teachers has also decreased. According to OurWorldInData.org, the percentage of illiterate …

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Create More Brand Ambassadors in These 5 Steps


How to create real brand ambassadors for your business? There are many solutions. We reveal here how to effectively gather people who are around your brand to promote it and create new kinds of audience. Each brand ambassador counts and each can make a huge turnaround when it comes to profit and popularity of your own business. Let’s see what …

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Monetize your genius & get help from experts on Snafwho!


Snafwho, available to download now on the App Store, is an innovative new app designed to make it easy for people to seek help and advice from experts, or to monetize their knowledge by sharing it with others. There are endless possibilities and reasons to use Snafwho. You could be looking for help choosing a new vehicle that suits or …

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When Will You Need A Payday Loan?


 When you think you already map out everything in your budget, there comes a time that unforeseen expense occurs. It requires immediate attention and yes, funding. If you do not want to touch your egg nest and your monthly budget, the only option is to get a quick loan that can help you resolve your short-term financial issue. Look for …

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11 Steps Businesses Should Take to Develop Successful Apps in 2019


What’s the secret to developing successful apps? Here’s what your business can do in order to build the best app of 2019. In 2017 mobile users downloaded over 178 million apps. It seems like a new mobile app is coming out every day, but what sets the successful apps apart from the rest? The answer is a number of factors. …

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Best Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tools


Regardless if you’re a marketer or not, you’re aware of the importance social media analytics and reporting tools have. When you want to grow Instagram followers, they are the ones helping you figure out whether you’re gaining them or losing them. Moreover, social media analytics tools are also useful if you want to measure the engagement with your posts, as …

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Making Safe and Secure Payments Online with E-wallets


Whatever kind of online activity you engage in, there will come a time when you might need to make a payment for a service that is of interest to you. Naturally many people are a little cautious about handing over bank, debit or credit card details over the internet or via a mobile app. But thanks to a range of …

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Cash Royale – Win Cash Playing This Amazing Block Puzzle Game


Online games and puzzles are a fun way to pass your time. It is very refreshing when you are rewarded for your time and get paid for playing. Do you remember playing the Tetris  game when you were young? Not  only the young ones, even the elderly people always love to play it as it is very interesting and gives …

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