OneHive – Must Have Project and Team Management Tool

Onehive Appslisto

Iphone never quits to amaze its fans with its brilliant works. Through technology, it has proved great work through introduction of many applications. One of its latest creations is the OneHive app which has simplified many activities and even changed the old ways of office operations. With this application you are guaranteed effective performance and time saving. This is the …

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Flyp : Revolutionary Call and Text App

Flyp Appslisto

Flyp is an application for any Apple device that allows the user to inherit a new phone number for free that can be used to call any number in an array of different countries. When I first saw this I thought it was almost too good to be true. Being able to call or text friends and family that are …

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Shryne : App Preserve Your Memories

Shryne Webapprater

Introduction: Shryne is an app supported by iphones and ipads that enables you to store all texts, Facebook photo, and tweet or send an email. This app enables you to store all interactions you made with your ex boyfriend/girlfriend into one content that you can scroll using your device. Shryne app helps you in dealing with the instant pain of …

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Duzzle with new Puzzle : DZ Puzzle

Dz Puzzle Appslisto

Are you fascinated with the puzzle games? Do you believe you can crack any puzzle game that comes across you? If your answer is yes, then there is a perfect game for you through which you can challenge yourself. DZ Puzzle is the new game that is introduced for people who loves to challenge there thinking. DZ Puzzle is really …

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Junior Coder – Fun Way to Develop Kids Coding Skills

Junior Coder Appslisto

Are you a geek? If you are, chances are that you know of or have had a lot of interest in programming. If you aren’t, then you probably know a kid (or have one) who seems quite interested in such but, unfortunately, is yet to learn anything to do with any type of programming. Don’t worry. The Junior Coder app …

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Sheep Master: A Game With Christian Values

Sheep Master Appslisto

Sheep Master is a strategy game developed by Sunland Entertainment Studios promoting Christian Values of being a good shepherd. The game gives the player an experience of raising a sheep farm and all the problems associated with it. The game starts with a basic tutorial in the form of instructions from the Shepherd’d father making him: a) Collect Resources such …

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AreYouIn- The simple and fun way to handle social events

Event Planner App

While being social is essential today, the pain and hassle of planning and executing an event can turn out to be stressing out at times. This can vary from a simple weekend getaway trip to a simple hangout to a lunch party to more. Group text messages might not work out in everyone’s favour as they tend to be overwhelming …

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FineScanner Iphone App Review

Fine Scanner Webapprater

FineScanner basically stands for a scanning software that enables your mobile device to be able to easily scan and manage documents scan images, create electronic images, among others. It can also be able to create copies in pdf and jpg formats, and even have OCR (Online Character Recognition) that enable the app even to recognize texts or characters from scans …

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Slotpark- Experience the fun of Vegas on your iPhone

Slot Aprk

Slotpark, an iOS app, is here to take the world of casino apps by storm. This one has been specially designed for lovers of slot machines. To add to the fun, it creates an atmosphere that is exactly like those of the electronic slot machines seen at real casinos in Las Vegas. Everything from the graphics to the background sounds …

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PDF Pro : PDF Creation Made Simple


Online services are some of the trending technologies that have made life easier. When it comes creation and converting files to be in a PDF format, the Full PDF Pro suite online can be the software to go by. The software is one of the best that you can have limited difficulties on how to use since the steps that …

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Dartboard – Voicemail Evolved- Communication enhanced

Dartboard Appslisto

Voicemail is the voice of the future. The problem is that it is tough to use currently as it is tedious and not well developed. Until ‘Dartboard – Voicemail Evolved’ came into the picture. Dartboard is the voicemail of the future. This iOS app provides a medium for communication that is more efficient than any existing right now. To begin …

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What Is the Best TV Technology for Sports Fans and Movie Lovers?

Tv Technology

If there are any types of television viewing that really matter to most people then it would probably be either sports or movies! If you are passionate about either one of these then you will want to make sure that you have the best possible television in order to make viewing them the best experience possible. Let’s take a look …

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