Redbooth: Everything about your project in one place

Redbooth Webapprater

If you work with a big team, you will surely know how much time and effort collaboration takes. What you need is an easy interface to connect and work with your entire team as a team. Redbooth, an Android app is here to help you with that. All your tasks, video meeting, chats, time tracking and more can be accessed …

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Quartz Code Vector Animation: Must Have Mac Animation App !!

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Introduction Quartz Code Vector Animation app is fast, compact size, impeccable animation platform that helps you engender high vector animations by implementing simple and potent tools. Admittedly it is one of the best ways to teach yourself the conceptual frameworks that make up for ideal animation skills. It gives you the rostrum for experimenting with multitude of animation effects, without …

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Reveal – Ask Me Anything- iphone App Review

Reveal Webapprater

Reveal-Ask Me Anything is a mobile application that is supported by many phones that have iOS platform-e.g. iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Reveal is sold by an Iphone-application company called Kindr Inc. Reveal is designed in a way that all you friends and followers can get to know more about you. Reveal gives you the chance to share all your …

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Nearest5, a new way to social media

Nearest5 Webapprater

Nearest5 is an application that puts being social back in the hands of the crowd. With social media controlling majority of most daily lives, it breathes a breath of fresh air in an online industry that, for some, has become quite mundane. Facebook is loaded down with apps and games that generate for complaints than entertainment. Is Instagram the world’s …

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Flyp for organized communication

Flyp Webapprater

Make your life even simpler with Flyp, which gives you the benefits of having multiple phone numbers to call and text. Flyp is an innovative application from Flypsi, Inc. which enables any iOS mobile user to have multiple numbers for his/her single SIM. The app is now even available for Apple Watch. For different parts of our life we often …

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888Sport: To Go-To Betting Destination

888 Sport Webapprater

888sport is one of the leading names in the UK online betting industry. The website is already heavily flooded with users of all sorts with different sporting interests from all over the world but the organisers don’t seem too satisfied with their already great performance. Maybe that’s the reason why they’ve decided to release an iOS application to cater users …

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Enhance your Fitness regime with MotiFIT Run

Motifit Appstimes

Boost up your fitness regime with MotiFIT Run. This application has been developed for the health conscious people to spice up their workout regime and make it more enjoyable. In the present day world when staying fit is becoming a challenge for the new generation, turning workouts into fun is surely an approach that can benefit in the most effective …

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The Intuitive Weatherback Weather Wallpaper Android App Review


The Weatherback Weather App is an Android based app with an aim of bringing various weather effects to your home screen without the need for a live wallpaper that could possibly slow down your device or contribute to shrinking your battery at a faster rate. The app comes with a number of different effects which change themselves according to the …

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Tut Keyboard – Must have Cool Keyboard !

Tut Keyboard Webapprater

Tut Keyboard is the new cool! Tut Keyboard Makes sending messages with photos, emoji and stickers now possible. What’s more, the keyboard works with email, LINE, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat and most other social apps. This way you will now make your messages completely your own by including your photos or those of your friends, the places you go to, …

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Maze Fiesta – For Fun and Entertaining Game

Maze Webapprater

Maze fiesta is a game that is supported by all android and IOS platforms. It is a game that was released on 4th June 2014. This a game that is you can easily play on your ipad or on your android device. The game is capable of entertaining the amateur players and the hardcore game players. It is a game …

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Tastebud – A Recommendation App Tapping Your Friends

T Webapprater

We are a bunch of friends who hang out together. We go to movies, listen to music, read books and play together. Earlier, we used to drop into movies just like that without knowing whether the movie has good reviews. We got hit many times because of this. We used to spend a lot of money and time going to …

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RaceMyFace – Participate and Win in Selfie Contest

Race My Face Webapprater

RaceMyFace is a selfie contest where individual iPhone user can be able to express their creativity and personality.The ability to express uniqueness with friends or loved ones moreover their are prizes fro the best selfie photos.Users are required to vote the best selfie images and moreover post their selfies with friends and loved in the most creative manner. RaceMyFace work …

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