– Interactive Social Media for Creating and Managing Lists


Everyone is busy these days including the kids. When we have so many things going on simultaneously in our life it is very common to forget one thing or the other. In order to plan our day-to-day activities and keep things under control, we make lists for each and every activity, for e.g., grocery list, holiday shopping list, list of …

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DoodleBook : Put Your Imagination On the Paper

Doodle Book

You love competing with your friends, don’t you? Take it to be any competition in school or sports meet, we love to challenge our best friends and then compare the results just to check out who’s the best. But this competition is friendly and not meant for the winning and losing parties. The same thing is valid for someone’s creativity. …

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Panda Emoticons & Smileys + Emoji – Have Fun with Texting


Panda Emoticons and Smileys app is a nice Emoji app to have on your iPhone. The app unlocks the Emoji keyboard on your iPhone. After installing the application, you just need to go to general under settings and select keyboard followed by adding the new Emoji keyboard. Emoji is the Japanese term for the picture characters or emoticons used in …

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Laser Pegs for iPad – An App with a Creative Streak


Holidays are the best part of the year for both adults and young ones. Children of course expect presents from their parents as a part of their holiday celebration, fun and entertainment. The best gift for any child will be toys and games which they are interested in and which is also good for them. It is essential that parents …

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NARR8- Motion Comics at your Fingertips


NARR8 is something of a collection of a myriad range of publications, something like a digital library of graphic novels, nonfiction and even comics. It is about education and entertainment integrated with interaction and animations to bring to life stories of your choice with just a single touch. With NARR8, the process of navigating through publications and downloading them has …

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Create All New Emoticons with CogniFit MoodCraft iOS App


Have you ever felt that the emoticons that are available in the social forums and chat sites are not enough to express how you actually feel? Sometime you don’t find the proper emoticons to express your mood or your feelings for your friends. Sometimes you just don’t want to say but draw about your state of mind and that is …

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EasyPPT- Making PowerPoint Presentations Easy and Powerful


PowerPoint presentations are an excellent way of presenting data to a huge audience. Most strategies, new concepts and business plans are put forth in this manner. At times, it can be very disappointing when you carry your PPT on a pen drive or USB and the device controlling the big screen does not accept it due to incompatibility. What do …

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BaBu Jump iOS App – Jump from Hell to Heaven

Babu Jumb

The story reminds me of the movie 2012 where the beginning of the end of the world started with the breakdown of tectonic plates below the surface of earth and finally it ended into an underwater planet earth with some thousands of people alive all around. The story here goes like the end of the world is near with red …

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YouTube Video Search-Squrl: Must Have Video Search App


Squrl Video Search App lets you see a series of the latest videos that everyone is watching online. For example, I can see President Obama talking about the mass shooting in the school. If there is entertainment videos I like to watch, I can always swipe the app upwards to view the latest movie trailers about Superman or Pacific Rim.The …

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Read to me : iOS App to Make your Bed Time Cool

Read To Me

Story reading is always an engaging time pass. Sometime in enhances knowledge and in some cases it refreshes your way of thinking. The Read To Me app for iPhone, iPad and iPod is a story reading app. This allows parents to be with their children and read their favorite stories to them even while they are nowhere in the physical …

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Get the American Dream App and Take Control as the National President

American Dream

The American Dream App for iPhone is an App that lets users live their dream and fulfill their destiny. From starting as a Nobody to scaling the dizzy heights of success, the game app packs in equal dozes of humor and intrigues. There are quirky characters to encounter, conspiracies to expose and impossible obstacles to overcome as the user sets …

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20 Must Have Tools for Running a Small Business

Small Business

Having your own business to run is everybody’s dream. After all, no one has ever dreamt of being an employee for the rest of his life. Ultimately, the goal is to be your own boss and create a business that you are passionate about. However, times are hard and the way the economy is going, having a small business can …

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