The Future of Mobile Gaming: Are You Playing, Yet?

Mobile Gaming Playing Yet

Are you a mobile gamer? Whether you enjoy Angry Birds or Prince of Persia, you’re a part of the mobile gaming industry. Because of you, developers are steadily making smartphones faster, brighter, larger, and smarter—just so you’ll play even more games. The evolution of mobile gaming is redefining the way people view video games. Playing games on your mobile device …

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Unleash The Power Of Law Of Attraction With ‘Mass Meditation’

Mass Meditation

The power of law of attraction is a debatable topic, but it is said that if you believe in it, it actually happens. The law of attraction says that if you think of something repeatedly and with complete focus, then it tends to get attracted to you and you actually achieve the same in your life. When many people start …

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What does one need to know before using website development software?

Web Design

Having your own website is a giant leap for your business. You can reach your customers directly through your website and provide a clearer view about your products and services. This will establish you as a brand in the market, if you provide enough effort to market your website. However, the primary step of building the website is the most …

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WhatsApp Spy Software: Your Key to Unlock Your Kids’ Hidden Secrets!


The saying goes like, ‘if everything looks fine, you’ve got to be overlooking something’. It may sound a bit pessimistic but it does hold weight. So if SMS, calls, web history, location tracking and e-mail logs of your kids seem fine, you might as well give it one last try- WhatsApp spy software lets you monitor your kids to every …

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Sharpen Puzzle Solving Skills With the MonkeyOpopLite App


A puzzle game with a tint of adventure always makes people interested. The monkeyOpopLite app for ipad is first and foremost a game app that makes heroes out of gamers. The game begins with the abduction of an entire monkey tribe by an evil monkey, Lord Kong. They are held captive in Kong Island. As the sole free monkey, the …

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Logo Quiz: An Engaging Game Of Popular Logos

Logo Quiz

The human mind is capable of remembering infinite amount of details and facts without any conscious effort. Signs and logos are some of the most common things we see almost everywhere on a day-to-day basis. Logos are one of the ways through which companies advertise their brand presence in the market; logos are the most powerful tools that communicate the …

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Top 10 Resolutions for Web Developers For this New Year


When a new year is round the corner, it’s time for web developers to set some new objectives and resolutions for their life and work 1. Exploration of a new Field It is useful to learn a new framework or methodology or even a new language to put into practice in daily work. However, there is need to explore some …

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Agile Development – Must Know Main Principles


Agile Development – What is it? A group of professionals started creating special software by making note of developers of other software, their teams and the processes they incorporated, to make their task easier. As a result of these observations, they were able to produce the Agile Manifesto, stating that it was possible to incorporate improved means of creating software …

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Mobile Monitor- Monitor Phones without any Apprehensions

Mm Img3

Today, everyone has their own cell phone or tablet. This not only brings in convenience but also results in a lot of emotional attachment to one’s mobile device. If you wish to know more about a person, the best way to do so today is to catch hold of their phone. When it comes to loved ones and people that …

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Bad Bad Rats : Save the Flowers From Being Hurt


Fruit Ninja has been one of the most popular apps in the Android Market. Slicing away those fruits with your sharp fingers has always been appreciated but it has been the constant effort of the users to match those high scores that actually drives the game. But the concept has now been outdated and requires something new to satisfy the …

Read More – Interactive Social Media for Creating and Managing Lists


Everyone is busy these days including the kids. When we have so many things going on simultaneously in our life it is very common to forget one thing or the other. In order to plan our day-to-day activities and keep things under control, we make lists for each and every activity, for e.g., grocery list, holiday shopping list, list of …

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DoodleBook : Put Your Imagination On the Paper

Doodle Book

You love competing with your friends, don’t you? Take it to be any competition in school or sports meet, we love to challenge our best friends and then compare the results just to check out who’s the best. But this competition is friendly and not meant for the winning and losing parties. The same thing is valid for someone’s creativity. …

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