Galactic Android App : Explore What Your Eyes Can’t !


Have you ever been to outer space? There are lots of planets, stars and galaxies that are still to be explored? We don’t know completely even about our own planet earth, and then the rest is just out of question. There are just a few lucky and intelligent astronomers who manage to breach the boundary of earth’s atmosphere and launch …

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Play Bingo with your Mobile Device


Bingo is a very popular game. It is a favorite among all kinds of players – men and women, young and old alike. It is more than just a game; it is also considered a favorite social activity. Bingo provides an opportunity for people to meet and greet. It gives others a chance to have something to talk to with …

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Get Introduced To A New World Of Cartoons With Toon Goggles


Kids love viewing cartoons and the crazy activities of the cartoon characters never fail in making the kids laugh at them. However, viewing the same cartoon on television may become monotonous and if your kids have crossed the age of toddlers then they may ask you for more cartoons on internet. The problem in free internet viewing that the parents …

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3 Questions That Change the Way We Think About Online Social Media Strategy


As a business owner, you’ve heard about social media and the value of it in your business marketing strategy. You may even have a Facebook page or a Twitter account you use to communicate with your customers. That’s a good start, but without a web page where your clients and customers can visit, you are missing a key opportunity. Consider …

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Starting a Classifieds Site to Earn Money Online


How to start a successful online business? It is a question , which has been asked by most of the new entrepreneur. Making the online classifieds site will definitely helps you in this matter. No doubt, for promising income from classifieds site. Let us discuss about how it works and how you can earn money from it. How Classifieds sites …

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Movie Wallpapers for Android – A Collector’s Application

Movie Wallpapers

Movie Wallpapers is one of the coolest application developed by Mark Heinis. This is a collector’s item for those who has android devices. Mark Heinis has developed this application in two different formats, one is a free version and for another HD version you need to spend a small donation of $1.11 for thousands of HD Wallpapers. Well there is …

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PBA® Bowling Challenge – Cool Game for Bowling Fans !


PBA® Bowling Challenge by Concrete Software lets you experience live bowling on your Android device. The game has lots of trendy music and sound effects when I played the game on my Kindle Fire. There are two game play modes – Career and Quick Play. The game works by choosing which direction to throw the bowling ball. You can slide …

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Jetpack Jinx : The iOS Game for the Adventurous


Jetpack Jinx is the latest addition to the games series by Bubble Gum Interactive. The motive of this adventurous game is to help Jetpack Jinx fly to space. This game is a treat for all adventure enthusiasts as they just blast off for a heady experience in space. The incorrigible mischievous jinx who has unfortunately crash landed on a strange …

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MegaFlux : Activate Nano-pipes and Unlock Puzzles to Win


MegaFlux game app for Android is a challenging game by any standards. Through this app, gamers get to have a re-look at the original plumbing game in which a series of nano-pipes have to be activated to make a continuous passage for the incoming Flux. However, in its new setting the Flux gets different characteristics and looks more dangerous as …

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Maid de Camera: Create Pretty Photos with Maid Cos-players


Maid de Camera app for iPhone, iPad and iPod is a photo frame app where users can share the photo frame with pre-loaded photo featuring pretty Japanese maid cos-players. The app introduces the Japanese Cawaii and Akihabara cultures in which cute maid dressed in petite French dresses serve in a restaurant. They are very popular in many South Asian countries …

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Social Slots Casino : Authentic 3D HD Casino with a Flavor of Social Networking


Social Slots Casino, unlike other apps, provides you with real world casinos from the US. It is a social 3D game, which boasts of being the first one to bring up the authentic Vegas style. This Android app has many games, all of which are free and come in HD. There are a total of 30 games, each of which …

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Cut Down Prescription Costs with LowRx – Discount Prescription Card


Health Care expenses are rising on a steady basis each and every day, meeting these expenses is one of the toughest job for many people. People with insurance are covered to a large extent, but not completely, there are many exceptions which your insurance may cover. Even when your medical insurance company pays you a certain percent of the cost, …

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