Why You Should Be Testing Your Internet Connection Speed

Internet Connection Speed Testing

Connection speed tests seem to pop up all over the internet and many users just dismiss the idea. However, it could be a good idea to test your connection speed regularly. There are actually a number of benefits in doing this, so let’s talk a little bit about them. Reasons to Test Your Internet Speed One of the main reasons …

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5 Best iOS Apps for Bloggers

Blog Apps

If you are an individual who enjoys blogging as a hobby or for something more serious, you can enjoy doing so on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. This is made possible with some truly quality blogging apps that you may want to look into downloading from the iTunes App Store. Here are the must have blogger apps for anyone …

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Your Date, Your Habit, Your control

Data Webapprater

At a time when internet is the growing need of every individual, it sounds utter nonsense when someone says that he doesn’t know about his data usage habits. If you keep your food eating habits in mind while deciding the monthly grocery budget, why not do the same planning for data usage? In a recent survey by MTX Connect, the …

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Start Making the Money with a Successful Business Online

Online Business

Making a lot of money is not as simple as just starting a site and offering products for sale. You need to know which markets are growing as well as what products and services are in demand. By having a clearer understanding of which categories are profit-generators, it’s possible for your online business to make more money in the long …

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The Mission Statement – Is It Important For Your Game?

The Mission

  Designing a video game implies a whole lot of work, from imagining characters, a plot, and all the tiny details in between. I’m not even talking about the programming part, which is downright exhausting. However, before even a single line of code is written, the developer of the game must have one thing clearly sorted out: the mission statement. …

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Online Shopping – Made For You !

Online Shopping

Who’d have believed two or three decades back that you could sell products without meeting the customer personally; that there would be an imaginary shop somewhere in the clouds which anyone can see, go to and select their products from; that you can order anything from home and return it if you don’t like it; that you don’t have to …

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App Marketing – Engage a PR firm or Do It Yourself?

Press Release

You have built your application and are now pondering over the reasons why people are not buying it. The app does not have to be brand new to be successful; you just have to dominate the specific niche you are in. The question mobile app developers often ask themselves is: “How can my app become the most visible?”.  How do …

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Some Useful Addresses For Web Fonts

Web Fonts

Selecting the right font for your website might need an expert’s choice, though most rely on the same fonts like Arial or Georgia. There are many websites with the same content, so as a designer you must realize to use proper fonts as well to lead the row. Today, we’re going to discuss some web addresses that have marked their spot in the field of fonts as legendary

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Revamp of Twitter for Android Smartphones

Twitter New

‘Twitter’ – The online social networking site which has recently released an updated version of Android App. This article details the new features

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WebAppRater – Writing Guidelines

Welcome To Guest Writers

A big welcome to all the guest bloggers and writers. We appreciate your initiative to write articles and blogs for our website and we will publish them through our web pages.

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30 Useful Blogging Tips for Beginners


Blog – your private place to write what you passionate about and no one will restrict your writing. Blogging is the way to show your talent and passion on the subject you involved. Creating blog and making posts is easy, but sending it to right audience is little difficult task. You need to know some tricks to reach the readers. …

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3 Things You Need to Know About SEO


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the many existing processes that are employed by individuals and organizations to increase the visibility of their websites or web pages. This is done in search engines through paid search results or unpaid. SEO is also considered to be one of the most frequently used internet marketing strategies, though not the most effective. …

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