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What’s the secret to developing successful apps? Here’s what your business can do in order to build the best app of 2019.

In 2017 mobile users downloaded over 178 million apps. It seems like a new mobile app is coming out every day, but what sets the successful apps apart from the rest?

The answer is a number of factors. From development to security to market research, each part of your app development is crucial to its overall success.

Here we will be digging into how to increase the odds of success for your app.

  1. Narrow Down Your Idea

“I just had a great idea for an app” is a sentence many of us have said on more than one occasion, and there’s a good chance you actually have come up with some great ideas! The important thing is to narrow it down to one.

As we will discuss later, app development requires a solid investment, so you want to be sure you’re investing your time, money and energy into the right app.

  1. Check Out Other Successful Apps

One of the great things about app research is how incredibly easy it is to find reviews and feedback on existing apps. A quick trip to the comment section of the Android Play Store or Apple App Store will fill you in on what successful apps are doing right, and what they’re not.

Instead of being discouraged by some of these comments, consider them a free market study. Listen to what customers love and what they are still looking for.

  1. Know the Costs

It’s important to know how much you’ll need to spend on your app before you get into its development. Creating an app will require a level of monetary investment in each stage, and you’ll want to avoid getting stuck in the process.

On average, you can expect to spend in the range of $3,000 to $100,000 from start to finish, being sure to budget for this is vital for creating a successful app.

  1. Race to the Market

If you’re like many creative entrepreneurs, it can be tempting to want to withhold releasing your app until it’s “perfect”. Unfortunately, this is one habit that doesn’t work in the world of apps.

With so much competition it’s essential to get your idea on the market before someone else does, even if this means releasing it in the beta phase. The great thing about apps is you can release updated versions whenever you need to.

  1. Hire a White Hat Hacker

If your app will be handling sensitive information like payment information or private details about your users, you want to be sure your app is as secure as possible.

One way to do this is by hiring white hat hackers. White hat hackers are hackers that test sites, apps and software for holes to help reduce the chance that other hackers can get through. While it means an extra investment, it will help save you money and sacrificing your reputation in the long run.

  1. Have Test UsersIn addition to having a white hat hacker put your app to the test, you’ll want to have a test group check out the app as well. This can be done as a more professional focus group or you can ask family and friends to engage with the app.

    Chances are they will spot issues where you may not have.

    1. Submit Your App to the Market

    Once you have had the last stages of your app fully tested, it’s time to submit it to the app market of your choice. You’ll have to register the app through the platform and pay the corresponding registration fee ($99 if you choose the Apple App Store and $25 if you choose the Google Playstore).

    However, the uploading process can be difficult and is best left to app developers.

    1. Consider Being Cross Platform

    When it comes to your app, it pays to go big or go home. Which is why you may want to consider going cross-platform with your app. This will allow you to reach a larger audience in a shorter period of time.

    However, it’s important to remember to utilize your time wisely. Don’t delay launching on one platform to be able to launch on both platforms at the same time Launch one to get your name out then focus on the second.

    1. Gather Reviews

    A beautiful app in the right places isn’t much good if no one knows about it. Which is why it’s time to dive into your marketing! Gathering reviews is a great first step and something that should be easy to do if you tested your app with a group early on.

    Display your reviews on your website or be sure to include it on social media (more on that next).

    1. Invest in Social Media

    There’s a strong chance that the same people that will be using your app will be engaging with social media. Which is why it’s such a strong option for marketing.

    One of the major benefits of marketing through social media is the ability to target your demographic down to a niche. You can ensure that your advertising is seen by those with similar interests as your app.

    1. Dive into Guerilla Marketing

    When in doubt get creative. There are a number of guerrilla marketing techniques that can help catch the public’s attention and increase awareness about your new app. Since apps focus heavily on user experience it’s no surprise that UX marketing is such a powerful tool.

    Try partnering with a retailer, or creating a teaser marketing campaign that requires interaction through the app.

    The Final Key to Successful Apps

    The real key to successful apps is knowing your market and your capabilities. Whether you choose to go through a developer or design in house, the more you know about the app process the higher your rate of success.

    If you’re considering launching an app, or are looking to complete a new app idea we suggest checking out our blog on monitoring your app as a strong next step.