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If our ancestors were magically able to travel through time to analyze dynamics in modern education, they’d likely collapse from shock. Apart from physical location, in even just the past half century, virtually everything else in the world has undergone a total metamorphosis. In their pursuit of providing easy, safe and fun ways to make school life more engaging, researchers have developed a variety of great apps for students. Millions of students are using study-aid apps to complete routine college tasks. There are thousands of apps for college students available online, and choosing the best one for you is of paramount importance. After thorough research, we are delighted to provide you with a top 10 list of student-helping apps for you to read about and enjoy.

  1.    Dropbox

When computers crash, critical documents are usually lost, i.e., theses, reports, etc. To protect your nerves from crashing along with the computer, use Dropbox. This cloud storage app gives you a platform to store your documents securely. What’s more, you can access all your documents from any of your devices– be it an Android smartphone, laptop, iPad or desktop. With this application, your homework is safe.

  1.    Evernote

Sometimes scholars get bombarded with tons of information such as deadlines, meetings, notes, learning materials, etc., which can be stressful to constantly keep in mind. Know that all of this info can all be dumped into this app. Clips, lecture slides, to-do lists are just a few of the additional benefits. Before moving on to the next app, be we want to especially point out that Evernote has the capacity to attach pdf images, audio notes, pictures and synchronize them across your devices wherever installed.

  1.    Study Buddy

We mentioned earlier that we’re showing you only the top 10 apps today. has been providing students with quality essays and papers for many years. We refer you to this company for more info so that we focus on the best for this article. It’s news to no one that life in college is so fast and circuitous, and that some parents employ study coaches for their children. School-helping apps can help you save money by taking the place of these coaches. Study Buddy keeps track of time spent actively learning versus time spent on distractions, and plays alarms to get you back on track. The daily motivational quote it displays will keep you motivated and energized.

  1.    Duolingo

This is one of the best apps for college students. At this day and age, the world is a global village, and so the ability to speak multiple languages is a major advantage in the job market. Do you desire to learn Portuguese, French, German or Italian? Duolingo makes it possible, easy and 100% free.

  1.    Chegg Study

This is the best homework app for busy students. It’s tiring to do homework, and sometimes students can’t afford to buy all the books they need. This makes homework an impediment to an enjoyable school experience. If you have such challenges, you can rest easy, knowing be that this app is your solution. It connects you to a massive online library and allows you to get answers for even the most difficult questions. The app can be freely downloaded from Android Market with a monthly service subscription of $14.95.

  1. Dictionary.

One of the best study apps that is all but mandatory for students is a digital Most high schools require that students have access to a hard copy of a dictionary among other compulsory reference books prior to admissions. At some point in their education, all students have the need to search for antonyms, definitions, and synonyms. Some dictionaries include a language translation feature. There are many free dictionary mobile apps available. Take the time to choose the best one for you.

  1. EdX

Traditional lectures can get boring at times. There are a lot of free courses offered online from globally recognized universities. With EdX you can supplement your learning experience and benefit from other teaching styles for optimum skill acquisition.

  1. EasyBib

This is the best homework app around for assignments that require referencing and citing. Is it magic? Not quite, but it’s extremely easy to use. This app allows you to scan the book’s barcodes using your phone, then generate an accurate citation. It has the capacity to cite in all writing styles: Harvard, MLA, APA and other styles.

  1. Simplemind+

Most homework assignments require not only research, but creativity as well. Simplemind+ allows students to trace their thoughts and collect ideas all in one place to prepare for a brainstorming session.


This is a cheap means of communicating not only with friends and family but groupmates and even professors. Group texting and video chats are just a few of the benefits we can list.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article; we guarantee your academic world will advance if you choose to apply this researched knowledge.

John Landrum, is a renowned former professor at the chemistry department at Florida International University, Miami, FL. Most of his students, however, confessed that they needed more than his lectures to excel which is what makes the apps chronicled above necessary.