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Feel like you’re always trying to get your loved ones to quit smoking around the holidays? This Christmas, help them start on the path to wellness with one of these three tech gifts that will finally get them to put down the cigarettes. 

  1. Wearable Technology

There are tons of wearable technology gadgets on the market right now. From tracking your steps with an Apple iWatch to monitoring your diet with Fitbit, there are plenty of ways you can keep tabs on your overall health. These devices are also great for inspiring your loved ones to quit smoking. Once they start modifying their behaviors with new fitness routines and healthier foods, they’ll only be that much more motivated to crack down on their smoking habits.

There are also some products newly on the market that work like fitness trackers but actually help users pay attention to their smoking patterns. These smart cigarette holders can help keep track through an app of how many cigarettes are smoked, and there’s also a custom sensor that can detect exactly how much poison is being inhaled with each cigarette. Seeing these factors can be a great incentive to help kick the habit.

  1. Smoking Cessation Gadgets

Another great choice for a gift is a smoking cessation gadget that helps deter smokers. One option is QuitBit, which is a smart electronic lighter that counts how many times you light up. It comes with an app that helps monitor progress, set goals, and share those goals with friends and family. 

There’s also IntelliQuit, which is a handheld sensor (like a Breathalyzer) that determines how much carbon monoxide is on your breath. The app then allows you to upload your data (like to medical or insurance records). Seeing what kind of toxins you’re actually ingesting can really help a person put into perspective what their habit is doing to their body. It’s a very convincing tool! 

  1. eCig Starter Kit

Don’t think your loved one can just quit cold turkey? There’s a clear alternative to quitting smoking: vaping. By modifying their habit, smokers can more easily switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Encourage this switch by buying them a Limitless Pulse Starter Kit for just £24.99 from VapeClub. This starter kit is an all-in-one eCig device that has 1.5ml refillable pods that can be filled with vaping liquid. The battery can be charged via USB, and it’s pretty light at just 20g (perfect for toting around). There’s even a personalized color LED, and it comes in black, silver, or rose gold, so your loved one can vape in style!

Encourage your loved ones to be smoke-free by New Years! Buy them one of these three tech gifts, and they’ll be well on their way to a healthier life!

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