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It isn’t often a social network brings something genuinely new to the table, but Awesome has done just that. Combining social media and positivity with a fun, game-like twist, Awesome’s goal is to use the power of social networking for good & make the world a more awesome place.

Besides being able to do all the things you’d expect to be able to do on a social networking platform – post your own content, share& engage with other users etc – there’s also a cool ‘achievements’ feature. You complete tasks to earn points, basically. Tasks can range from simple things to more difficult, like “Take your spouse out for dinner”, helping the Humane Society find homes for abandoned animals or generating awareness for great causes by sharing content.

The more points you earn, the higher you’ll level up. The reward for levelling up is watching the colored ring around your profile picture become more colorful, brighter and animated – we all like to show off a little. You can gift friends cute, animated gold coins by spending your points to help them level faster and compete against them on the leader board to see who has accumulated the most ‘Awesome Points’ that week

The world could always use a little more good. Bit by bit, Awesome is using the power of social media to spread positivity, help where it matters and generate awareness for causes that need it while still being a social networking platform we can use in day-to-day life.

Download the app now on iOS and Google Play!