Five Ways To Support Employees Under Pressure

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one has ever said that achieving goals in the workplace is an easy feat. Hard
work and dedication come hand-in-hand with pressure and often anxiety. While
some thrive under the influence of deadlines and high expectations, even the
hardiest of personalities can crash and burn without a proper support

a boss or manager, it is up to you to ensure that your employees perform well
under pressure whilst helping them to avoid stress, anxiety, and depression.
This means that you need to create an environment where workers are can live up
to the demands of a prosperous organisation but at the same time, they can feel
secure in their setting.

1. Start by Setting Clear Goals

When setting goals, it’s important that you
remain transparent and make your expectations clear. Each individual should
know what their role is in attaining a goal. This will help to eradicate areas
of uncertainty that often lead to employees running around frantically like
headless chickens.

There is also no better way to make a goal
clear than to let employees in on the decision-making process. Allow your team
members to set the objectives and they will feel like they have matters under
control. Remember to make these goals attainable, so that everyone can see and
feel that progress is being made along the way.

2. Build A Supportive Atmosphere

good HR system can set a solid foundation within a company and if properly
managed, it has the means to build an atmosphere that oozes support and
encouragement. From in-house counsellors to rewarding systems and setting the
vibe for team effort, a good support structure will give tired and stressed
employees the means to offload, breathe, and draw inspiration once again.

3. Leave Room for Flexibility

can still maintain balance within the workplace by being flexible. Some
employees work best during the first few hours of the morning whilst others
prefer to work in the evenings when the day has calmed down a little. With
technology at our beck and call, we no longer have to stick to the hours from
9-5, we can make room for our employees to work at times where drive and
innovation are at their peak. This type of flexibility gives one the room they
need to breathe when they need it most.

4. Encourage Communication

Yes, your door should always be open but you should also have a plethora of other communication channels open to your employees so that they can liaise with you using the means that they feel more comfortable with. Use social media, using HR software, and one-on-one meetings to encourage workers to share their thoughts and opinions…or to simply ask for help.

5. Take Care of Yourself

but certainly not least, make sure you are not flailing under pressure
yourself. Employees draw security from the stance of their leaders and if your
knees are buckling, your employees might follow in your footsteps. Find the
support you need so that your own mental health stays intact and draw from your
experiences to nourish and protect your workforce.


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