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Apps are truly a wonderful thing. They fulfil so many functions that are helpful to us in daily life that it is strange to think of a world where they did not exist. And yet, one does not have to look further than the beginning of the new millennium to see a world without apps. It is certainly something that no one would want to go back to. Who does not want the ability to go pull their phone out of their pocket and click on the calculator app to solve a complex maths problem?

The industry is on the rise and the sheer number of apps that are available today is extensive, as there is practically an app for just about everything. Considering this, those who have recently got a new phone may need to download some of these, though the amount available on the store can prove overwhelming for some. To solve this, it is important for these kinds of people to learn about some of the most popular app categories that exist, and what the best examples are in each. This will give them the easiest way of bolstering their phone with great apps.

Financial – For some this may be the most important area as these apps will help with things like everyday banking and investments. This is great for virtually everyone, as before these kinds of apps existed, people had to log on to their banking website or even go to their local bank in person. The convenience they create is immeasurable, and the best thing to do for most people when it comes to downloading some financial apps is to take the option that is offered by the bank that someone uses. However, there is a range of other financial apps that can help people be smart with and grow their money, which includes Emma, Plum, Moneybox and Money Dashboard.

Social – This will inevitably be another popular category as social apps are the best way of staying in contact with friends and family. It is not a stretch to suggest that the whole world relies on social media now, so it would make sense for someone looking to bolster their app selection to download some choices from this category. The chances are good that every friend a person knows will be on some form of social media, so it is important to download some options to stay connected. The best offerings are Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Entertainment – Every phone has got to have some form of entertainment on it, it’s simply nonsensical not to. There will always come a time where passing time is desirable, such as when people are in a doctor’s waiting room. While some prefer to download games to enjoy, others prefer gambling apps such as FOX Bet to be in with the chance of winning money. Whatever people choose, having some form of entertainment on the phone is a great idea, even if it is just a streaming app like Netflix.

Those who were wondering what kind of apps they could add to their phone but were feeling overwhelmed about the selection available should now feel more confident when it comes to choosing and downloading these apps.