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The name of a downloadable app being One Shade may seem quite odd, but then again, there are some dubious apps out there with much more inferior titles. So, what exactly does the One Shade app do? Well, it’s all to do with the notifications that you get on your smartphone or tablet.

Basically, it’s quite common for notifications to pop up randomly, simultaneously and endlessly, especially if you’re a businessperson or a manager, for example. You’ll always be in demand, and those notifications can clash with one another, interrupt video calls and conferences. You know the drill, right? In fact, The Guardian recently suggested that people may benefit from taking a notification detox due to the fact that they come through so rigorously.

Well, this is where One Shade can come into effect and make everything that much tidier. Traditionally, your device notifications will appear through a drop-down menu that you can simply swipe down from the top of your handset to get. Well, where the One Shade application is concerned, a new, modern and customisable variation of the notification screen is enacted to make things even easier.

A variety of customisation features provide you with the potential to really set your notifications up to suit your own way of working. Colour customisation is available, while Android 10-inspired notification map themes can also be put to use with it. These join options like thematic bundles, useful icons and much more. One Shade could very well be the app that you need to keep all of your notification in some sort of concise order.

Using One Shade

Anyone who possesses an Android device can download the One Shade app from the Play Store for free. There are also in-app purchases that can be made if you see something specifically enticing while using One Shade.

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Other key features of the One Shade app are Advanced Notifications, allowing you to get them, read them, snooze them or dismiss them instantly. Advanced Music is also included, giving you dynamic notification colours depending upon the type of music playing. Quick Reply is quite self-explanatory and there’s also a Quick Settings Panel. This gives you instant access to really get involved with the customisation aspect of One Shade.