Celoxis.com – A Self Appointed Project Manager


Project management is a term used to define the rules of planning, organizing and managing resources to achieve specific goals. The projects undertaken are usually time constrained and require regular funding. So, it becomes necessary to attain these requirements with maximum efficiency i.e. maximum output with minimum input. However, in actual conditions, there are many projects running simultaneously side by …

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Comfi Call International – For Cheap and Best Call Rates


Are you recharging your calling cards very often? Or really bugged with the increasing Skype rates? Comfi Call International App is then your best solution. It is an Android App which makes International calling easy and hassle free. Companies that provide international dialing facilities are increasing on a day-to-day basis, but you should find a service that provides you with …

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ArrangeMySeat.com – Exclusive Event Organizer


Organizing and planning an event is not a simple task. One must have a vast experience of organizing to make it a successful event. Few people succeed only through experience but there are several shortcuts available always to surpass the experience. One such shortcut for organizing the events is ArangeMySeat.com. It’s the complete experience of many people gathered together and …

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SoulMate – Fabulous iPhone Social Networking App

Soul Mate

Who does not want to spend most of the time with their soul mate? Soulmate is an iPhone social networking application designed for singles and couples alike. Its purpose is to join compatible people together, thereby increasing the possibility of people meeting their soul mate. Also, if someone has met a partner through use of the application, the application is …

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Ziprecruiter.com – Simple Job Board Web Application

Zip Recruiter

If you are an employer and are in need of loyal and courteous employees, it may be very troublesome to post your ads on the newspaper, as nowadays, less and less people read them anyway. However, on the internet, Jobs Forums and Job Listings websites are the boom nowadays and have many views by job seekers. ZipRecruiter is a new …

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Stdriskcalculator.com – Free Calculator to Check STD Risk Factors

Std Risk Calc

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) as the name implies results from infections transferred from one person to another due to sexual contact and behavior which refers not only sexual intercourse but kissing, oral-genital contact and the use of sexual “toys” like vibrators as well. The month of April is considered as STD awareness month. The reason that this has been gaining …

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Dappleworks.com – Must Have WebApp for Small Business

Dapple Works

Managing a business efficiently is not an easy task. A web based business application such as DappleWorks allows small to medium sized businesses to manage their employees, business data, projects and even the daily functioning tasks without the need to download, install or run any hardware or software. This application is based on three basic three principles that include aligning …

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Osmino – Free Android App for Better Communication


Osmino is an android application that works like your phone book, yellow pages, white pages and reference book all-in-one. It gives access to Osmino users to current phone numbers, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, photos, messenger details or any other contact information from phone books of other Osmino subscribers. It is a great communication app which allows you to share your …

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Top 10 Spotify App – For Favorite Music

Top10 Spotify

Spotify seems to be the new app in the block. It is a Swedish app that was initially available only in European countries and has expanded its horizons gradually. Imagine your mobile with an in-built radio that plays music on demand. That is exactly what Spotify has to offer. It is a webapp configurable on Windows, Mac, Linux and the …

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Zingcheckout.com – A Zesty Retail Web Application

Zing Checkout

Whenever we are free, which is mostly during weekends, most of us plan our grocery shopping. The one thing that we cannot stand is the long, boring and drab queues at the counter. Introducing the newest web application program in the market, the ZingCheckout. It definitely has the potential for a wide international market since it gives a new insight …

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Tabsplit.net – Share Bills and Track Expenses


Android, the wonder OS, is the most hip thing today considering the numerous web application programs that it provides. Yeah I can see the puzzled look on your face while you may be wondering what has friendship got to do with a web app. Well then, let me enlighten you. Market App in Android consists of close to three hundred …

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Signsquid.com – Safe and Secure Online Sign Contracts


When was the last time you’ve had problems whenever you want someone to sign a contract? If your fax, printer or scanner breaks down, there is little you can do unless you use SignSquid. SignSquid is an affordable service used to make your life simple and making it able for you or your client to sign contracts on the web, …

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