– Online sharing sites


At the most fundamental level of online sharing sites, it exists to help you discover the web through sharing. It also gives users the ability to share what they are looking at online, in real-time. They aim in online sharing sites to create a community where, by interacting with other users, you can experience the web in a new way. …

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It is the web based online project management software where you can have a modular solution for managing your projects and resources in a flat world, where work is fragmented, “projective”, and performed by different resources with various skills in different places. These obstacles are huge challenges for effective resource management & scheduling and project management tracking that can be …

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It is a social shopping (ecommerce) and marketing tool that lets businesses manage customers, referrals, recommendations and sales through social media. It lets businesses manage customers, referrals, recommendations and sales through social media. It improves social media marketing efficiency by measuring the business impact of customer conversations through direct sales and referrals. You can tie your store to your SocialHarvest …

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They combine CRM, Projects, Billing, Sales, Support and more with a powerful automation engine to help take your small business to the next level. Their single goal and guiding premise has always been to develop a software platform to allow a small business to manage its entire operation. Large enterprises have for years relied on ERP systems to monitor and …

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It is a project management and collaboration tool. They can set up on your own server or local network. By keeping complete control over your data you can work with your clients and contractors in an easy environment. They provide platform for planning, progress tracking and communication. You can assign important tasks and communicate with your clients until projects done. …

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A new browser-hosted application, Billing On Click aims to let you turn leads into clients and manage both invoices and payments in a setting that is entirely logical, and that produces more tangible results than competing websites. The process of tracking leads and turning them into paying clients is made smoother by the ability to archive communications and place everything …

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