Do Androids Dream of Electric Clouds? The Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android Phones


How do you store all the data of your life and still be able to access it anywhere? Put it in the cloud! These are the cloud storage apps android users need. It’s estimated that within the next year, each and every person on earth will create 1.2 MB of data every second. And considering that most phones have on …

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The 5 Biggest Project Management Trends Shaping 2018

Project Mngmnt

Project management is an all-encompassing term that’s only growing. While project management used to be limited to IT, it’s now affecting the entire world of business. Roles are changing and hiring trends are changing, and we’re all left to adapt with them. Companies nowadays need to be aware of these changes to stay ahead of the competition. Those who fail …

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Moiety- iPhone App Review

Moiety Appslisto 700x437

Moiety aims to make co-parenting easy and less stressful by coordinating schedules between parents, keeping misunderstandings to a minimum while enhancing cooperation. All of this with a clever and intuitive design. What does all of this mean? Well, it’s rather simple. Moiety was created to help divorced parents share duties and work together to raise their children despite their differences. …

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eva – Share and Enjoy Your Videos

Eva Appslisto

eva  has recently been released by Forbidden Technologies plc, who also happen to be the developers of Forscene, the immensely popular cloud video editor. For those of you who have not used this app yet, this is a new video social network which is compatible with all iOS devices. The primary feature of this app is that it lets you …

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younity : Speed Up Your File Handling Now !

Younify Webapprater

Younity is an application that is supported by many devices that have an iOS operating system. Younity is an application that has been designed professionally to ensure that you get the best experiences by a company called The Entangled Media Corp. Younity has a very new version that was released on 1st June 2015. Younity has been optimized to ensure …

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Tastebud – A Recommendation App Tapping Your Friends

T Webapprater

We are a bunch of friends who hang out together. We go to movies, listen to music, read books and play together. Earlier, we used to drop into movies just like that without knowing whether the movie has good reviews. We got hit many times because of this. We used to spend a lot of money and time going to …

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Stylematic App: A Must-Have for Fashion Fanatics

Style Matic Webapprater

When online shopping first became possible, it was a revelation for fashion fanatics everywhere. Retail suddenly became a global village and it was finally possible to get more sizes, colors and styles than were typically offered at your average mall at the touch of a button. However, now that everyone is online, online shopping can get overwhelming. Every major brand …

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Roundme : Virtual Tour, But Real Fun !

Roundme Webapprater

Roundme is a simple and a very easy to use free iOS application that will allow every iPhone, iPad or a number of iOS device users the chance to create, share and to explore interactive multimedia content. The advent of this application has literary made virtual tours so simple, as it has taken virtual tours and the ability to take …

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TalentLMS – Learning with Full Concentration/ No Distraction

Talent Lms

Small as well as medium organizations can make use of the handy learning platform Talent LMS. The app is aimed at making eLearning technologies more affordable, so that both small and big companies can access it. The app runs from the cloud, hence, there are no hassles of uploading or upgrading.

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Making the Most of your Website with vCita


vCita offers perfect business solutions for all types of service providers. You can create contact forms and access an effective communication with clients, schedule meetings, conduct email marketing, create invoices and receive payments from clients through an integrated platform, to grow your online business.

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Clashot : Earning a Side Income with Photography


Clashot is a free app developed by Depositphotos. Just imagine what it would be like if you were able to take photographs from the iPhone and then just add a few filters to create a stunning image. To add to this, you will even get paid for doing this. This is an app that amateur photographers can make use of …

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Use FashionClyp and Become a Fashion Stylist


With the help of FashionClyp, you can locate your favorite brands or stores. The app helps you find the latest trends and fashions for all your favorite brands, updating you on latest local flash sales personalized to your vicinity. FashionClyp is a free 14.1MB version with which you can discover discounts offered in various fashion stores in your vicinity and …

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