– Simple Project Management

Project Bubble

It is probably one of the easiest project planning tools out there. Add projects, set up tasks & to-dos, and track your time. You can invite team members or clients to your projects so they can view the progress, discuss the project, upload files or have tasks assigned to them Upload your clients, staff, leads and contacts and organize them …

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It is a project management software tool which helps your team manage their projects, tasks, clients, contacts and documents more easily than ever before. In a recent survey held by research group suggested that on average customers save between 20 and 100 hours per month managing their projects with Copper. You can say that this is the first and last …

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This site manages your projects and business services. It collaborates with your team and your customers. You can organize and share documents also with this site. You can mark this as suite of open source online collaboration with neatly consolidation all of the products. This site also simple and works well on any platform. They are the services based on …

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Same Page

It is a powerful application which develops business collaboration much simpler. The project managers can distribute their tasks and could monitor closely how their sub-ordinates working. You can also share all important documents among the involved project workers. Same-page studio is web controlled software which will enhance company’s work flow and maintain cordial communication between your team members and prospective …

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Online Form Builder

Contact forms,event registration, help and support forms, web survey , polls , data collection, interactive messaging forms are some of the forms you can create with HOTforms123. The form results are collected and posted to your account immediately.

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t has everything for solutions in Project management at the click of a button. They have six valuable features namely Time Tracking, File sharing, File storage, Social networking, Expand/Compress View and Quick Status View.

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It is an important tool which permits anyone to save listings found on Craigslist with the touch of a button. With this you can add or organize in your own way. You can add the mapthatpad bookmarklet to your browser and click on it whenever you see an apartment

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Email Marketing – UCRUX


UCRUX offers easy to use, powerful email marketing software service. You can manage your contacts, send unlimited emails, check results using Geo-location based reporting tool, setup customized signup forms and autoresponders. The service also features social networks sharing option through emails.

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Tripleseat is a new management system that is aimed at those who work within the restaurant industry. As it currently stands, Tripleseat can be used for the reservation, catering and coordination of banquets, private dinings and related occasions.

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3 Powerful Tactics For Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing1

By: Facebook Guide Review Receiving an speedy sale on-line, specially in Facebook Ads Guide Review is challenging. A far far more powerful tactic would be to go for a lead (as an example, e mail handle) rather than an speedy sale. This reduces your risk drastically. Due to the fact rather than having only one-shot at receiving a productive transaction.. …

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Quick Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Site

Quick Traffic

Getting people who are interested in what you have to offer on your website is a difficult mission to say the least. Given the fact that there is so much competition; you really have to know what you’re doing in order to survive. There are countless sites that scatter the wastelands because the owners thought that they could just create it and customers would beat a path to their door.

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Send Blast

Send Blaster is an Internet tool that can be used for implementing email marketing campaigns and gauging how successful these are really turning to be.

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