Take the Right Decision – Give your Kid, Fun for Kids – Learning Puzzles


Here is a new gaming app that can create interest in your kid and at the same time can help in developing his/her motor and problem solving skills. Fun for Kids – Learning Puzzles is an educational gaming app that has been specifically designed for the toddlers and preschoolers in order to give the parents the opportunity to provide their …

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Enchanting Diabolical Puzzle Game the Art of Darkness

Art Of Darkness

For the gamers here is yet again another interesting puzzle solving game launched by Booty Bay Limited. The famous developer of the game Tap Pet Party has come up with a latest and improved version of the popular game Art of Darkness. So, if by any chance, you have not played the game before, this is the high time to …

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Pillman:the loop of fire – Standard Puzzle Game


You can never get bored of puzzle games. No matter how old you are puzzle games are always interesting, challenging and engaging. Pills – the loop of fire is like no other ordinary puzzle game you have ever played. The game has no static levels to finish and increase your scores. The player has complete control over the game and …

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Word Drift Puzzle: A Refreshing Word Making Game

Word Puzzle

Word games and puzzles related to the game are always quite exciting. Some word games exceed the mark of just word making and they come with a target to fulfill. Word Drift Puzzle is one such word game which is a great balance between word search puzzle and 15-puzzles. It is an exciting game introduced by tmeta.com which includes 80 …

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MegaFlux : Activate Nano-pipes and Unlock Puzzles to Win


MegaFlux game app for Android is a challenging game by any standards. Through this app, gamers get to have a re-look at the original plumbing game in which a series of nano-pipes have to be activated to make a continuous passage for the incoming Flux. However, in its new setting the Flux gets different characteristics and looks more dangerous as …

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Sharpen Puzzle Solving Skills With the MonkeyOpopLite App


A puzzle game with a tint of adventure always makes people interested. The monkeyOpopLite app for ipad is first and foremost a game app that makes heroes out of gamers. The game begins with the abduction of an entire monkey tribe by an evil monkey, Lord Kong. They are held captive in Kong Island. As the sole free monkey, the …

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Asva The Monkey HD : A Puzzle Game with Numerous Levels


Puzzle games are brain storming and addictive. The qualities of a good quality puzzle game is its mesmerizing graphics, interesting music and whole lot of challenging puzzles that keep you engaged for a long time. Games with numerous levels will not let the fun go out of gaming, and the quest would continue for a long time. Asva the Monkey …

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Hey,It’s My turn ! – Take your turn at a challenging puzzle game


If you’ve gotten tired of catapulting angry birds or pigs, or making your character run and jump in a maze, and need a change which helps you relax as well as stimulates your brain cells, it’s time to take a look at the new face puzzle game for iOS – Hey, It’s my turn!. Puzzle games challenge your thinking skills …

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Caveball: Puzzle Game with a Prehistoric Touch


Puzzle action games have always been a sure hit with people of all age groups. These games keep you on the edge of your seat from start to the end. It seems to be a never ending journey of victory with each victory giving you immense pleasure no matter how many times you have achieved the same. Caveball is another …

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Kid’s Puzzle Lite – Entertainment on the Go

Kidz Puzzle

The one thing which constantly worries parents these days is to see their kids playing too much of games in the mobile / iPad / laptop. This is of course the same case in each and every home. Kids these days fine gadgets and devices highly attractive and start using the mobiles and iPad’s at a very early stage. Children …

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Plopp – Exciting Puzzle Game to Relax You


If someone had told me the idea of bursting colorful bubbles with your fingers to earn points on a phone screen, I would have immediately said ‘NO’. I have played so many similar types of games before that I am tired of all this. This was the idea which first struck when I came to know about this new android …

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Find a Way, Jose! – Exciting Slider Puzzle Game for iOS

Find A Way

Find a Way, Jose is a refreshing new block-sliding puzzle in which Jose is an endearing anti-hero who wakes up one fine morning, following a big celebration and just cannot find a way to his dearly loved bottle of booze. As the title suggests, it is up to you to help Jose Find His Way. The game packs sixty levels …

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