Zoho Recruit – Best for Applicant Tracking


In this hectic globe of ameliorated technologies the global user always searches for discreet web application for beneficial of savors. The international user can get required features and feel assuage nature with utilization of this cogent web application. You can also experience numerous trailblazing features from this web application. The acumen professionals plan this expedient service in more planned manner …

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B12leads.com – Pragmatic Lead Tracking

Among several applications this ingenious web application proves some merit oriented savors to global users. This web application falls under most utilized service where it has attained numerous accolades from business users. The adroit web application assists you understand how effective your sales teams are performing. It exploits the process of how instantly leads send to the right sales person. …

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Spypig.com – Free email tracking system


It is a free email tracking system that sends you a notification by email as soon as the recipient opens your message. It works with virtually all modern email programs: Outlook, Eudora, Yahoo Email, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL Email and many others. The system is very easy to use. In just few minutes, you will be able to use it like …

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Goalst.com – Goal Tracking Application


Goalst is a web app to set your new year resolution. It is the expedient tool for those who have a baleful time keeping up with their constructive resolutions. Better goal tracking application to use and to track.

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Wakoopa.com – Tracking social media


You have seen several social networks for senior citizens, for women, for pets, for toddlers and so on but Wakoopa is different – it’s a social network for software. The service tracks software and web apps that you frequently use and then recommends other software programs that are popular in your social circle. It creates digital DNA of today’s consumer. …

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Salestrackingportal.com – Online Sales Tracking Software

Sales Tracking Portal

It (online sales tracking software) provides a user interface that very easy to learn and use. They have provided you with only essential functionalities to enable you to focus your time on selling and closing business. You can create your new sales deals once you initiate one and update its stage along sales cycle. The sales deals are logged with …

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Lighthouse.com – Simple Issue tracking


It helps you keep track of your project development with ease. Whether you are a large company or small bootstrapped team, they give perfect ticket solution. It will simplify your work flow so you can do the job you were hired to do. It automatically organizes your tasks. As you create and tag issues they can be categorized behind the …

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Freedcamp.com – Free Project Management System


The site has application savors a set of productivity tools such as; to-do’s, Discussions, Milestones, Real Time Tracking, Invoice Reports, and Application Wide File Management. Naturally the members of team could collaborate both via the provided messaging platform and by sharing files in real actual time.

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Traffiklite.com – Solutions for Project Management


t has everything for solutions in Project management at the click of a button. They have six valuable features namely Time Tracking, File sharing, File storage, Social networking, Expand/Compress View and Quick Status View.

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Optimize Startup Performance For More Efficiency


Obviously one of the best ways to increase your startup’s performance is going to involve using funding solutions from crowdfunding sources and other similarly-aligned options. But you can’t predict what kind of funding is going to come in from such options. So you can’t depend on it. While crowdfunding is a great way to help ensure your startup can go …

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Money Penny

If you’re a freelancer or running a small business, a startup or a large company, it may be a difficult task for you to deal with your clients; keeping track of receipts and capturing expenses; dealing with tax reports; etc. Moreover, you spend a lot of time on doing paperwork and usually you would think of buying a number of …

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Clockodo Web app Review

Clockodo Appslisto 700x466

Clockodo is a dedicated time tracking app for self-employed or small and medium-sized businesses. This app allows you to manage your time by keeping a detailed record of the beneficiary when it comes to improving your productivity and controlling your billing. Clockodo is an easy-to-use option to manage your time, in addition to the complete functionalities adapted to the web …

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