Staffing Software works in the same sense as a manager. It keeps record of every single employee, his shift timings for the whole month, any overtime if done by the employees and manages the payroll as well.

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Hosted packages along with self hosted Intranet packages offered by AceProject can assist managers with different tools for managing different tasks. AceProject is a project tracking software that is web based, providing a better means of planning for managers, irrespective of the size of the project. Both single individuals as well as large multinationals can make use of this app …

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Software for SEO Campaign Management: what I use


Website promotion is a process that needs to bring result. It sounds simple. Actually it’s management like any other, more like project management. Why not to leverage from professional managers experience when organizing this process? Consider your website as a project. You have limited time, resources and you have a certain goal. Split your project into steps. After each step …

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Project management is a term used to define the rules of planning, organizing and managing resources to achieve specific goals. The projects undertaken are usually time constrained and require regular funding. So, it becomes necessary to attain these requirements with maximum efficiency i.e. maximum output with minimum input. However, in actual conditions, there are many projects running simultaneously side by …

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Kanban Tool is a very useful online application designed to help businesses visualize their work/ workflow and allow them greater visibility in doing up projects. It helps businesses get their work done faster by visualizing the work load and flow in the company. Meanwhile advanced analytics provides important information on how the business functions and how to improve it by …

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The WorkBook app provides an integrated approach to efficiently manage your business. The WorkBook is a popular tool for both project management and financial management. Its cutting edge technology enables you to manage your business on the go. In the past there have been many such tools like Microsoft Project Plan (MPP), Clarity, Epic etc. that offer the same services …

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Easy Back Log

Wish you had an easier way to manage your projects and your business in general? Wish you had an assistant to write everything down and organize it so that you can present it effectively? Easy Backlog is described as a time saving backlog management tool that allows easier information gathering for agencies with multiple and simultaneous projects. In other words, …

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Ace Project

Looking at project managers these days, you have that security available to you once you figure out how the company or business works. You can easily hire a project manager or take the certification yourself, which takes time, effort and money. Ace Project was looking beyond that when it started and, today with more than three thousand followers in their …

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GroupCamp Blogger Badge En

As every new company, GroupCamp started out as an idea; an idea that involved making life simple for business owners and their customers. The internet is a great tool for businesses, and GroupCamp goes a step further by turning your business around and leading it in the right direction with their web-based applications. Whether you are trying to improve communication …

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This web application has been given importance to the prioritization which has come out with more simplified concepts. You can still come across like Stars, exclamation marks and highlighters which are out dated. The potent tasks are grouped into cells in this web application by importance and how soon you require completing them. You can cinch simply drag and drop …

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The global users has many advantageous web applications where one could facile in utilizing valuable savors. This web application has got all required features to assuage the global users. It helps to manage projects where it is regarded as powerful project software for entire online project management needs. You can utilize this wholly from anywhere. It also deals with all …

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It is quite astonishing and interesting to step across numerous established familiar web applications but still the global users cannot find apt web applications at their choice for better utility. Hopefully after visiting this web application one can wonder and stick to this project management application for ever. This will be apt time who should try this project management web …

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