The 5 Biggest Project Management Trends Shaping 2018

Project Mngmnt

Project management is an all-encompassing term that’s only growing. While project management used to be limited to IT, it’s now affecting the entire world of business. Roles are changing and hiring trends are changing, and we’re all left to adapt with them. Companies nowadays need to be aware of these changes to stay ahead of the competition. Those who fail …

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Nuvro Webapprater

If you own a company, you and your teams can’t handle multiple projects by just relying on human memory to keep them all organized. And if you’re thinking to keep them together in your email will be also a disaster. So basically, what I want to say is that everything can’t be done manually because there are so many information …

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OneHive – Must Have Project and Team Management Tool

Onehive Appslisto

Iphone never quits to amaze its fans with its brilliant works. Through technology, it has proved great work through introduction of many applications. One of its latest creations is the OneHive app which has simplified many activities and even changed the old ways of office operations. With this application you are guaranteed effective performance and time saving. This is the …

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Ubirimi – The Fresh Name In The Project Management Software World


Ubirimi has launched a versatile project management product suite that focuses on simplicity, ease of use and fast product maturity. The company offers the entire suite in one deal enabling the companies to have the best software platform from the very beginning. The company also ensures, free of cost future updates in case it is in action, and strive to …

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Improving PM Practices offers a website for project managers to find the best articles and references for efficiently managing their projects. It has a professional and refreshing look and feel with a lot of tools for project managers. The content on the site can be used by managers for their project assignments. There are many articles on project management …

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What is clarizen? Managing a project with multiple tasks to handle could be a very hectic task. Though we would have different staffs to handle different tasks, still it could be difficult to form a proper integrated system. That is because, there might be various departments in a particular project but it is important that we do all that is …

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Comindware – Effective Automation & Project Management tool for SDLC methodologies


If you’re managing a software development team, you’re probably in search of better workflow automation software. We have recently discovered and the solution they offer named Software Development Solution based on the Comindware Tracker. The company founders heave a long track in the IT industry. They have already created for us a couple of recognized solutions: a back-up and …

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Having issues as a solo freelancer? Solo may be just what you need in order to organize yourself and increase productivity as a freelancer. The best part about this project management web application is that you can access your data anytime, anywhere and you are also able to do so without installations or any kind of software necessary. All you …

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Happy Todos 1

Including project management software isn’t enough for HappyTodos, their approach is very visual as well if you take a look at their website. HappyTodos is colorful and fun ways to manage your projects, making your work seem much more fun to do. Along with the ability to access your team from anywhere in the world, HappyTodos includes and implements useful …

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A new era has begun, and web applications such as Apollo have revolutionized the way that you manage your projects and contacts. The best things about Apollo are that you require no installation CD’s, no downloads required and, best of all, great service. So what is Apollo? Apollo provides project and contact management that gives you important tools to develop …

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The site has application savors a set of productivity tools such as; to-do’s, Discussions, Milestones, Real Time Tracking, Invoice Reports, and Application Wide File Management. Naturally the members of team could collaborate both via the provided messaging platform and by sharing files in real actual time.

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Challenges in Project Management and how to overcome it?

Cha 1

Research has been conducted as what are lags that come into question when efficient management of projects is concerned. Some of the challenges that have been identified in managing projects and how to overcome are discussed here. 1. Challenge: Lack of clarity in the scope of the project: The completion of one project has to be an initiative for the …

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