A Community Initiative

WebAppRater is the community initiative focusing exclusively on web application developers and users. The website aims at bringing the developers and user more closer and improve the products. This is the common place for web application developers, domain experts, market research firms, business analyst, UxDesigners, web Designers, Internet Evangelists, Start-ups and Students.

We at webapprater, understands the importance and demand of web application and focus in providing the resources that help to improve the quality of the web applications.

Our Policy

We developed a review policy that supports all the community members. We have a five point agenda to implement as policy

Empower the Users:

The end users are the prime focus of the community objective, we are committed to provide resources & information that help the user to select the web application that suits to his/her need.

Honor the Experts:

We are proud to publish the expert reviews and we honour their knowledge and views.

No Harm to Developers:

We know the practical difficulties in developing the web applications and hence we are committed not to make any statement that harm the developers.

Better & Better Web Applications:

With extensive user research, market research and meaningful comparisons, we’ll help the community to develop better and better web applications.

Support to Start-ups:

We’ll support the start-up companies to publish their product/service details and get noticed.