Best Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tools


Regardless if you’re a marketer or not, you’re aware of the importance social media analytics and reporting tools have. When you want to grow Instagram followers, they are the ones helping you figure out whether you’re gaining them or losing them. Moreover, social media analytics tools are also useful if you want to measure the engagement with your posts, as …

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Why is everybody buying YouTube views?


While uploading a YouTube video there is an objective behind, similarly, when a viewer decides to watch a video has a blurred image in his mind that either he is expecting quality by seeing the thumbnail or from the title of the video has created an impression in his mind. Therefore, to make your video look worth-watching, it has to …

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3 Questions That Change the Way We Think About Online Social Media Strategy


As a business owner, you’ve heard about social media and the value of it in your business marketing strategy. You may even have a Facebook page or a Twitter account you use to communicate with your customers. That’s a good start, but without a web page where your clients and customers can visit, you are missing a key opportunity. Consider …

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Social Defender

The growth of social media network is reaching its peak day by day. In the meantime the usage of social media websites and tools has increased triple the time. In an enthusiasm everybody would like to register in all new social media networks and everybody would be interested in sharing their friend’s circle about the new social media network, but …

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Social Media Strategies for your Company Promotion

With social media being the craze among modern day online users, companies are trying to bank on the social media platforms not only to stay in touch with their clients but also for effective and successful promotional benefits. While previously website design was the most sought after way to create a web presence, nowadays social media rules the roost with …

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Damntheradio is a perfect platform which provides any band which has its own professional Facebook page, and communicates with fans without limitations of any kind. Naturally this site has merit oriented features with musicians give away content such as exclusive or rare tracks in exchange for the emails and phone numbers of fans.

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5 Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs

Social Media Tools

Entrepreneurs are always having thirst of promoting their business in someway. Probably, they all know the power of social media but fail to know the importance of social media tool. Knowing the functionality and uses of social media tool will help them to attain their goal soon in start up. Social media tools will be helpful in company communication, brand …

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