Spice up your phone calls with Flash!


Flash is a new app that allows you to send pictures as a caller ID when you call people, so when they look at their phone they see the image you sent. There’s a powerful photo editor for you to play around with your pictures, a built-in messenger and even a “hidden flash” mode which password protects pictures and has …

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Fight for your Life in Shadow Fight 2


If you want a fighting game that is full of enthusiasm and action then you have to check out the Google play store to search for one. There are numerous action games in the store but a shadow fighting game is always a great addition to your kitty. You can check out the new game Shadow Fight 2 presented by …

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Provide your Memories a Special Touch with Globus Photo Album


How much time it takes to create an album from a whole lot of photographs that are stored in your mobile? It should be quite massive and even then you may not be able to remember the location where some of the photos were taken. Your memory will be stored but without a tag and things will get lost in …

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Zombie Combat –Unlimited Halloween Fun

Zombie Combat

Halloween is around the corner and there is no better way to celebrate the season with interesting and intriguing zombie games which promises unlimited fun and entertainment. The market is flooded with numerous zombie games and the demand for these fun-filled stuff is always on the rise. In order to stand ahead of the crowd, developers should create the games …

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Family Link : Stay Linked With Your Near And Dear Ones


Yet again, there is another great family game from Necta Game that has added a new dimension to the genre of classic tile matching games. The game is a classic game added with its new flavours; the undying appeal of the tile matching games has found a new definition in this simple yet interesting game. The game literally makes it …

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Shake Islands Adventure – Building your Kingdom

Shake Islands

Shake Islands Adventure is a free app developed by fudog.org for Android 2.1 and upwards. In this game, you can fulfill your dreams by getting rewards for building a ship and going to another island. Here, you can exploit the new and fresh area. You are basically provided with a bar for making money and building the ship with materials. …

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Helidroid Battle: 3D RC Copter- A New Level of Adventure


The last two apps in the Helidroid series have done really well in the market. MH production, the developer of this series, has not stopped with just this much. Their latest app Helidroid Battle: 3D RC Copter is a sheer delight for the lovers of this series. It is a very worthy sequel. While Helidroid I trained you with steering, …

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EasyPPT- Making PowerPoint Presentations Easy and Powerful


PowerPoint presentations are an excellent way of presenting data to a huge audience. Most strategies, new concepts and business plans are put forth in this manner. At times, it can be very disappointing when you carry your PPT on a pen drive or USB and the device controlling the big screen does not accept it due to incompatibility. What do …

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ScareCauldron For The Most Scary And Fun Filled Halloween


Halloween is just round the corner and you are already in the spooky mood. It is fun to create scary faces and have fun with your friends and family. However, the mood of Halloween is not restricted to only one day. The fun can continue for the whole year if you have an app like ScareCauldron. This time, you are …

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Awesome Nature Wallpapers Free – Your Own Beautiful Collection


What about a perfect start to your morning with a smiley message! That’s always encouraging and makes the mood for the day. Similarly, good wallpaper for the home screen of your phone is a not any essential requirement but a plus point to your side which you won’t like to lose. Following the same, Yegor Korzh, a professional photographer from …

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