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A new browsing tool, has been introduced into the web with the motto of making the web browsing experience even more enjoyable for the users. With time internet has developed as one of the largest resources of information; and in order to grab the... – Real Time Individual Search – Real Time Individual Search

From day to day effective inventions and developments which blossom much more efficacious discoveries, you can come across numerous fame web application. But still often the global users could rather find difficult to search and use properly. So this web application... – Twitter Image Search Engine – Twitter Image Search Engine

Twicly is a real time twitter image search engine. Twicly is groomed better for finding the images that go with any story doing the rounds on Twitter. It is also said that during 2011 would be the year in which Twitter become the prevalent search engine on the Web.... Personalized search engine Personalized search engine

Itsmysearch is a personalized search engine which let you make your custom home page. This site has unique way presentation of several thousands of themes and background images. It also stands as one of the best lively ways for the global users to customize their own... – Twitter search application – Twitter search application

It is a twitter search engine that looks only into friends’ tweets. It is based on twitter search API and currently researches only recent tweets but will soon look into older ones. Other features will be added up to the service to make it handier such as saving...