Workplace Inefficiency: Is it Time to Review Your Processes?


Have you ever thought about the number of processes that you follow during the average working day? There will be dozens. You are a creature of habit, and whether the processes are defined in formal business guidelines or whether you do them out of routine, you do them. You follow the same steps to carry out your routine tasks – …

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Effective Tips to Market Your Business App


As the impact of mobile continues to be recognized, many businesses are integrating their mobile apps into their overall marketing strategies as well as business operations. Nowadays, building and launching an app has become inevitable for businesses. Mobile apps offer tremendous benefits for businesses that include increased visibility, a platform for direct marketing, add value to consumers, build brand and …

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The 5 Best High-Tech Car Items to Keep You Safe in Bad Weather By: Erin Konrad


Bad weather can make driving a seriously risky endeavor. However, there are some steps you can take to make sure that you’re staying safe every time you get behind the wheel. Read on for the five best high-tech items you should have in your car to battle even the worst of storms.  LED Fog Light Bulbs One of the easiest …

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The Best Browser Apps For Android

Android Browser

Have you ever thought about the type of web browser you want to use on your smartphone or tablet? Sadly, the browser is amongst the apps we use the most but we think very little about when it comes to features and options. Everyone expects to sort of be there and this is why the default Android browser is on …

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Essential Apps You Need to Get the Most Out of Your TV

Essential App

TVs and television have gone a long way since 1928 when mechanical television was first introduced in the US (source Wikipedia) and then in the whole world. We started out with a big box that occupied a large area in our living room and only broadcasted a few channels and we ended up with a slim device that can be …

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What Is the Best TV Technology for Sports Fans and Movie Lovers?

Tv Technology

If there are any types of television viewing that really matter to most people then it would probably be either sports or movies! If you are passionate about either one of these then you will want to make sure that you have the best possible television in order to make viewing them the best experience possible. Let’s take a look …

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Changing Video Resolution with the Movavi Video Converter

Moovi Video Converter

When it comes to video resolution, many people end up feeling rather confused. Although the basic idea of video resolution is easy enough to understand as it is the width x height dimensions of the video – knowing what video resolution you should use for your videos is a little bit more complicated than that. That being said – it …

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Important Points a VC Needs to Remember about Startup Valuation

Startup Valuation

Taking money from a venture capital firm requires a crucial initial step of agreeing to a startup valuation, a procedure which evaluates the worth of the startup. This valuation also affects how much of one’s company one owns. Each founder has different strategies regarding startup valuation as optimizing for a higher valuation can often mean having lesser ownership of the …

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Recruitment Software: The Best In The Field

Recruitment Software

If you’ve ever worked in a staffing agency, you’d know the importance of recruitment Software. In webapprater, we present you with a full list of recruiting software.

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Staffing Software works in the same sense as a manager. It keeps record of every single employee, his shift timings for the whole month, any overtime if done by the employees and manages the payroll as well.

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Some Useful Addresses For Web Fonts

Web Fonts

Selecting the right font for your website might need an expert’s choice, though most rely on the same fonts like Arial or Georgia. There are many websites with the same content, so as a designer you must realize to use proper fonts as well to lead the row. Today, we’re going to discuss some web addresses that have marked their spot in the field of fonts as legendary

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Big Data and Its Role in the Business

Big Data

According to the research of MGI and McKinsey’s Business Technology Office, it has been found that the big data act as the key of many important issues such as consumer surplus, innovation, competition any many such allied things. MGI analyzed big data in the five domains such as healthcare, public sector, retain, manufacturing and personal location data in various countries …

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