IA OE – The Creative Game Of Magical Geometry Blocks


Most often we use our smart phones to do some work or to socialize ourselves. As we grow up it is very rare we lose ourselves in some absorbing game to kill time. The trouble lies in finding an app that has no upcharges or ask for small transactions. IA OE is one such unique app with no such charges. …

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Awesome is a social app promoting positivity & helping great causes


It isn’t often a social network brings something genuinely new to the table, but Awesome has done just that. Combining social media and positivity with a fun, game-like twist, Awesome’s goal is to use the power of social networking for good & make the world a more awesome place. Besides being able to do all the things you’d expect to …

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HotSpotMe takes ‘making money online’ to a whole new level

Hotspotme 700

The sharing economy just got a new player – HotSpotMe. The app is being called the “AirBnB for internet hotspots” and makes it easy for users to make money by sharing their internet connection while at the same time providing convenient Wi-Fi to people worldwide. It’s available to download for free on Google Play. While the app is useful to …

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We RockStar -Your Talent Has A Stage Now!


Staging things well in social media is a sure way to get things counted well. Thus having a tool to make things come alive and appear in front of many is the best ways to make sure things are counted well. Though there are many ways and methods to achieve the seemingly likely things We RockStar is something that definitely …

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Enjoy your shooting with Ultimate Sniper


Would you like to be a super sniper master? There are so many sniper games available for shooting lovers but one of the best is Ultimate Sniper as per my experience. This mobile game is simple yet interesting to play to kill the leisure time. It’s not all about the war or any violent but it includes only shooting objects. …

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Captum – Must Have ios App Review


Captum is an easy, affordable way for businesses & professionals to advertise their services with augmented reality. You can add AR video to business cards, brochures, flyers, photos and more in no time at all! The app is available to download now on iOS and Google Play. The app is quick and easy to use. It’s as simple as scanning …

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Invite guests with style using video invitation through Inviter’s “Video Invitation Maker”


There are so many apps out there which are available making different and unique online invitations. Making video is a challenge especially with animations and other cool effects. Here I would like to introduce a cool new app “Video Invitation Maker” by Inviter.com. Using this app, one can make Video Invitations within 5 to 10 minutes. It is available in …

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The Share Market Live Trading App is one of the leading mobile apps in digital trading in India. This Edelweiss Mobile Trader App offers real-time trading updates to millions of online traders of its users in India. The app feeds online traders with real-time information on stock markets which is a necessity in online trading. The App is a product …

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Get Your Anger Out with the Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away Game By: Erin Konrad


There are probably times when your anger gets away from you – like when a driver cuts you off or a stranger doesn’t hold the door open for you. Well, instead of losing your cool, try playing the Angry BaBa: Hit and Far Away game on your phone. This fun game allows you to use your skills to hit targets …

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Change a life using the change in your pocket with 98 Cents!


98 Cents is a new peer-to-peer charity app available to download now on Google Play. We’ve seen a huge rise in the popularity of peer-to-peer apps, so it’s no surprise that we now have one dedicated to raising money for charity and those in need. 98 Cents allows users to donate money directly to causes that mean something to them, …

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Yesterday, a good friend of mine asked me about the episode of her favourite TV show, which is my favorite also as it was missed by her. So I told about the whole story of that episode, but I think no one can feel that enjoyment instead of watching it when the show is on the air. However, there is …

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Katt Android App Review


New apps pop up every day, some take the world by storm while others barely even get visible. In the ever competitive app market the Katt app has stood its ground and weathered down the storm to be what it is today. The Katt app is a shopping based app that provides a platform for designers and illustrators whose work …

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