Eristica Is Pushing the Boundaries of Viral Video Content


We all remember the infamous games of truth or dare we played when we were younger. The rush of excitement that came from trying to complete a dare and the laughs that came afterwards. This is the feeling that the Russian app Eristica is trying to emulate and improve upon with their revolutionary app.  This FunTech industry app promotes the …

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Icon8, the New Age Bot to Spice up your Selfies

Icon8 Webapprater

Selfies are the trend of the day. People are not just happy with camera clicked selfies but they are now choosing filters in order to make the selfies either look better or artistic. There are apps dedicated to apply the required filters on the photographs taken and there are numerous of them available in the app stores. Prisma and Artisto …

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Importance of Internet Parental Controls in this Digital Era

Family Time Webapprater

Very few of us get to know what our kids are going through. Your kids, especially teens have to face a number of challenges and you must support them in finding the possible way out. I have been searching for a friendly app for quite a while and finally I came across this app, FamilyTime. It’s an internet parental control …

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The Cadillac of Poker Is Here to Entertain the Poker Lovers


For poker fans, Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular variations of the game. This member of the poker family has been very successful in recent years and has become one of the preferred formats of the game for veteran and new players alike. The unofficial world championship of poker is now played as No Limit Texas Hold’em, and …

Read More : Do More Things By Sharing Your Ideas


Inspiring each other and drawing energy from each other is the basis of our survival, it is how new ideas are born and great innovations are made. Even though people are more connected with one another with the help of different social media, having meaningful conversations and making note of important ideas by recognizing things which are important to one …

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WhatsApp Spy Software: Your Key to Unlock Your Kids’ Hidden Secrets!


The saying goes like, ‘if everything looks fine, you’ve got to be overlooking something’. It may sound a bit pessimistic but it does hold weight. So if SMS, calls, web history, location tracking and e-mail logs of your kids seem fine, you might as well give it one last try- WhatsApp spy software lets you monitor your kids to every …

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