Deal with Your Anger Issues with the Swipe Fighter Heroes Game By: Erin Konrad


It’s hard for me to get through the day without feeling angry. Whether someone cuts in front of me in line at Starbucks or I read a stupid comment on the Internet, I’m often left feeling like I wish I could just go off and rail on people. Not to mention those times I read of politicians and journalists sniping …

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Lovers of online and offline adventure games will find the adventure game to be quite innovative, challenging, and interesting. The popular game has an interesting gameplay that combines both complexity and simplicity with it’s challenging touch of puzzles. The game sold by Exvoid Sarl is available on iOS 10.0 or higher versions and can be download for play with your …

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Earn Virtual Money with CasinoLife Poker


Everyone loves to play the game on their mobile phone and there are different kinds of games which are available for all the users. Some of you like an action game, some of you like the simple game and some love to have kid’s games. But I am introducing you to a different type of game which involve gambling approach. …

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The Money Pouch introduces New Low Fee Roboadvisor for International Employees

The Money Pouch Introduces New Low Fee Roboadvisor For International Employees

In today’s world the universal employees could often work in many different countries and need a flexible, fully portable investment service. In order to solve this problem The Money Pouch introduces new low fee Roboadvisor for International employees. It could therefore assist with their quality automated ETF service. This popular roboadviser is much more different where it could select from …

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OPSLAB Web App Review


Since the rise of “big data” and businesses everywhere scrambling to collect information and become more intelligent,  the importance of keeping this material organized and accessible is more important than ever. But as the growing internal demand for more data sources and for the information they provide to become usable, relevant reports, businesses – data analysts specifically – are often …

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IceBreaker -Play Questions and answer game while dating


What do you think when it comes about dating? There is nothing better than having a good date. But honestly, there is always a requirement of good interaction while dating and how it will be if you get help from the app. Sounds good? Here I am introducing to one app named IceBreaker. Keep your reading continue to get more …

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Optimal Payment Debt Calculator

Optimal Payment Debt Calculator

We all understand that the first major step toward reaching financial freedom is to regain control of your spending and pay off debt. However, it is often difficult to do than it sounds. More gracefully modern technology is making it a lot simpler to set and reach your financial goals also staying on top of your debt. Optimal Payment Debt …

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TribeFluence app Connects Branders and Influencers


It is due to constant changing marketing trends and immense difficulty of reaching the right audience, the latest TribeFluence app Connects Branders and Influencers. This reputed app would provide a simple cost-effective way of promoting and advertising any product or brand online. These days, thanks to the computing power of the devices in our pockets, we’re able to have more …

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Road Draw: Hill Climb Rider – Smooth Ride

Road Draw Hill ClimbRider Smooth Ride

Life always gets bit hectic for me, so I enjoy playing variety of games to take my mind off of things for a bit. If you’ve been following studies people should know that one of favourite genres would be always racing. I’m not sure why, but I’m always drawn to these types of games, as I find them relaxing and …

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TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge by XI-ART Inc

TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge By XI ART Inc

TriPeaks Solitaire Challenge by XI-ART Inc. is an insanely fun solitaire. If you are a big fan of classic card games, then you are truly in for a treat with this exciting game. We generally know that Solitaire is a game that everyone has played several times at some point in their life, whether you were just passing time before …

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Being a child is the most beautiful and best part of our life, however, parenting is just reverse of it. Being a parent is not as easy as we think. When a child is born it brings a smile on everyone’s face. However, taking care of a child is a tough task to do in today’s technical modern world. This …

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LifeTimes of Celebrations: Celebrations Are Now At Your Fingertips

Lifetimes Celebrations Appslisto 700x466

We all have plenty of opportunities and occasions in our lifetimes that call for celebrations. And life is all about celebrating happy moments, even if it just meeting an old friend or going to a movie. But when you share those celebrations with others, you are making them happy about it too. That is exactly what the ‘LifeTimes of Celebrations’ …

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