Pool King: Become the King of Eight Ball Pool!


Today we live in a society where our status is also defined by the games we play and the apps we have on our phones. Billiards is a royal game played worldwide by people from the posh class. Not everyone can afford to play this royal game at posh clubs. However, in this era of technology, nothing is out of …

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Is your App Bottle – up?

Blog2 2

I’ll admit it I’m addicted to find new apps which benefit for global users these days, but even that requirement to get a break every now and then. For those little breaks, I like to kick back and relax with something new special app yet soothing on iPhone and Android platforms. People and developers also ask important question of is …

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Magic Trump

Magic Trump

Generally people grew up with variety of apps in all kinds; so when the popular genres are illustrated they can’t assist but have the eager to check it out for myself, which is what actually happened with Magic Trump developed by Nirva Apps, LLC. If users are searching for a special kind of app to sink their mind into this …

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Chinese stroke order – Learn Chinese characters

Chinese Strokes

While most of my leisure time is spent on using learning apps these days, every now and then I wish to take a long break with some popular apps of iOS and Android learning apps. If people followed news about this app namely Chinese stroke order – Learn Chinese characters developed by Pat Ren, then you will know that how …

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IA OE – The Creative Game Of Magical Geometry Blocks


Most often we use our smart phones to do some work or to socialize ourselves. As we grow up it is very rare we lose ourselves in some absorbing game to kill time. The trouble lies in finding an app that has no upcharges or ask for small transactions. IA OE is one such unique app with no such charges. …

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The 10th Anniversary of Android – the Most Dominating Smartphone OS


It has been 10 years since Android was introduced in the Smartphone’s market. Even though the device was unveiled on September 2008, it got public in October 2008. No matter which date you prefer to consider, the fact that this popular operating system has completed its 10 years in the mobile isn’t hidden. Besides, the popular Android phone games have …

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Improve the mental health of kids with Feelu

Feelu700 1

Keeping mental health ingood condition is an important thing. Even for a kid it is important. Sometimes we get to the condition in which we need guidance about the same. In this condition, Feelu could be a great way. It is a beneficial platform for both kids and parents. Introduction: Feelu is a mobile app that encourages children’s to be …

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Awesome is a social app promoting positivity & helping great causes


It isn’t often a social network brings something genuinely new to the table, but Awesome has done just that. Combining social media and positivity with a fun, game-like twist, Awesome’s goal is to use the power of social networking for good & make the world a more awesome place. Besides being able to do all the things you’d expect to …

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5 technologies impacting the hospital system


Technology has become a powerful force for the human condition. While tech products recreationally entertain people, some really innovative technologies are implemented within the medical field. MedTech is a booming field in the United States, with companies launching various technological solutions for the medical industry every day. According to Digital Authority Partners, the Health AI market is on the rise …

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5 Best Practices for Facebook Cover Photos


When people arrive at your business’s Facebook Page, your cover photo is one of the first things they see. Here’s some best practices for facebook cover photos. There are over 60 million active business pages on Facebook. An attractive Facebook page is a big part of Facebook marketing and outreach. Many businesses struggle with creating and maintaining an active Facebook …

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Create, customize & share memes in minutes


Meme Machine provides the easiest way to create, customize and share memes with the world. Whether you’re shooting original content or you want to fool around with some of the best memes out there, the powerful video editor contains everything you need to create epic memes from your phone. Access an enormous library of well-known memes. From timeless classics to …

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HotSpotMe takes ‘making money online’ to a whole new level

Hotspotme 700

The sharing economy just got a new player – HotSpotMe. The app is being called the “AirBnB for internet hotspots” and makes it easy for users to make money by sharing their internet connection while at the same time providing convenient Wi-Fi to people worldwide. It’s available to download for free on Google Play. While the app is useful to …

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