What point should you consider while shopping online or offline? There are many parameters such as quality, reviews, price, specifications and the most important is the deal where you get amazing offers and discounts. When you buy something online, you’ll always have the chance to enter a promo or coupon code at checkout. You have probably tried searching for coupon …

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Distribution Deputy – A Better Way to Circulate Newspaper


The morning is probably no one’s favourite part of the day, but if you enter your day happy and relaxed, you will greatly increase your chances of a healthy and productive day. You can start your day in a better way by reading the important headlines and cover stories of the day. Do you know how the newspapers are printed? …

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Applications from Page2Images Are Making History


Page2Images has come up with a bunch of applications to make the online working even more seamless. The website screenshot tools from the company include website screenshot generator, HTML to Image online converter, Mobile Emulator and Mobile OK checker. Most interestingly the site also provides batch URL to image conversion and batch mobile checker services. The screenshot generator is an …

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ContactMetrics: Providing Better Customer Service through Analytics

Contact Metrics

If you are a website or online business, especially one that receives a number of inbound leads, Contact Metrics, as its name suggests will provide metrical data about your customers who contact you. ContactMetrics is a software as a service (SAAS) that lets users create and customize HTML forms for websites. This service offers a drag-and-drop form builder that allows …

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Companies are ready to spend a lot of money in order to gain customers but there have been surveys that prove that it is always good to retain customers than to acquire new ones. While new customers have chance of providing you with business, the loyal ones will surely give you business for a long run and that would make …

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Staffing Software works in the same sense as a manager. It keeps record of every single employee, his shift timings for the whole month, any overtime if done by the employees and manages the payroll as well.

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The jobs performed by engineers are never too easy. With numerous datasheets to go through and hundreds of programs to check, any small job may take up a lot of time making it tedious and boring. You search through internet to find the right datasheet so that the right information is found but you always miss the presence of a …

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Easy Web Animations

If its time to vamp up your online presence, then Easy Web Content Presenter looks like a very good place to start. Easy Web Content Presenter is a cloud-based Do It Yourself, HTML5 animation tool that provides a dramatic and extremely easy way to create and maintain rich mobile-friendly and web-based interactive content. Putting users in complete control of the …

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It is possible to come across numerous ingenious and expedient applications blossoming in day to day life and thus this expedient web application holds few profitable oriented features to International consumers. This potent web application service comes under best utilized service where it has established with several features that largely profit for the global users. They have some cogent unique …

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