11 Free Cloud-Storage Services With Their Best Features


Amazon CloudDrive Amazon Clouddrive offers 5GB free storage and path breaking functionality to your data storage spree. The music downloaded and purchased from Amazon would be stored in the cloud drive by default. Though critics say that the music stored in the cloud drive can be accessed by Amazon, the application for kindle tablets has made it a great option. …

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Best Internet Marketing Strategies For Your Business


Internet plays a vital role in every individual’s life; at present people prefer utilizing the power of internet to search any information rather than going for traditional media. Due to this increase in popularity of web, numerous online businesses have emerged with time. Therefore, it is very important to utilize internet as a marketing tool to promote your business. Any …

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Tips to Avoid Online Auction Scam


Everyone wish to have a good deal on costly products like jewels and other expensive things. For this reason, more people are turned their eyes on online auction sites like ebay. But the major complication in buying things online is that some suspicious sellers out there. Buyers need to know how to identify them and how to save their valuable …

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Safe and Sound with iPhone Apps

Safe And Sound

Having an iPhone can open you up to a lot of different opportunities in the world of gaming, movies and music, but there are also apps on the market that can help keep you and your information safe. Whether it’s staying safe on the road or protecting your data or contingency plans when you misplace your iPhone or even home …

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The Importance of Mobile Analytics

Mobile Analytics

Mobile analytics have been a business game changer in the recent times. A simplified definition of mobile analytics would be that it is the information collected when a visitor accesses a website through a mobile phone or even a tablet. It makes the creators aware of the most popular and visited segments of their website which in turn helps them …

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Tips To Improve Your Online Sales

Online Sales

When it comes to marketing, the golden rule is “Test everything”. Most of the time, you plan the whole strategy but do not follow the right pattern when it comes to execution. Market is a platform where you need to be more practical than your assumed theories. There is no need to opt for something fancy to endorse your product. …

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Best Reasons to Use Online SMS

Online Sms

Most of us prefer to send our friends and loved ones text messages instead of calling them. Why? It is certainly easier than having a long-driven phone conversation with someone. It is also inexpensive when compared to a phone call where you are charged by the second or the minute. Wouldn’t people rather have a communicating option which is cheaper …

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Software for SEO Campaign Management: what I use


Website promotion is a process that needs to bring result. It sounds simple. Actually it’s management like any other, more like project management. Why not to leverage from professional managers experience when organizing this process? Consider your website as a project. You have limited time, resources and you have a certain goal. Split your project into steps. After each step …

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6 Must have Web applications for SEO Professional

Seo 6

If there is one more booming industry that is going to flourish in the online world for a long time, then my forecast is the use of web applications for Search Engine Optmisation (SEO). This I say because, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become a necessity and will be one of the most thriving industry with more and more people …

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30 Useful Blogging Tips for Beginners


Blog – your private place to write what you passionate about and no one will restrict your writing. Blogging is the way to show your talent and passion on the subject you involved. Creating blog and making posts is easy, but sending it to right audience is little difficult task. You need to know some tricks to reach the readers. …

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Top 6 Ways to Market a Web Application

Top 6 Web Application

If you think that the web application that you created is going to be successful within a year, then you are wrong. To deliver tangible results out of the web application sales this is necessary that you develop a proper marketing strategy. Let us explore the top six and the most prominent way to spread the word about marketing a …

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Challenges in Project Management and how to overcome it?

Cha 1

Research has been conducted as what are lags that come into question when efficient management of projects is concerned. Some of the challenges that have been identified in managing projects and how to overcome are discussed here. 1. Challenge: Lack of clarity in the scope of the project: The completion of one project has to be an initiative for the …

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