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Social media platforms are now being used by most industries around the world to help grow their business by appearing to new and potential customers from around the world. A lot of companies have used social media to great success with paid adverts across the different platforms proving to work well with bringing in new business. More industries are turning to social media platforms to boost their website traffic after seeing so many other industries grow their customer base since using them. One industry that has turned to social media platforms to help them boost their website traffic is the gambling industry with independent uk casinos taking to social media platforms to gain new customers and to branch out to existing ones who may not have used their services for a while. Casinos now have around 130 million users that pass through the sites each year, with the number expected to keep on growing over the next few years. There are a lot more casino companies taking to social media to help them bring in more business due to the huge number of potential customers that are using social media platforms. Some customers have accounts at online casinos who have not visited them for a while and end up being drawn back to the platforms due to seeing the adverts across social media.

The power of social media marketing has proven to be a key part to take a business to the next level with companies being able to tailor down their paid adverts to make sure that they are targeting the right type of potential new customers. Most people will at some point during the day scroll through social media apps and therefore a lot of companies are looking to make sure that they are creating posts and adverts that grab people’s attention to get them to visit their websites. COVID has caused companies to turn to social media marketing due to them realising how many people are using social media to get themselves through each day. Some people are spending hours each day on various social media platforms so you can see why many companies are now looking to promote themselves across the different platforms on social media. With paid adverts across social media, you can attract a lot of potential new business if you are using the tools correctly and not wasting your money on adverts targeting the wrong type of customers.