Create and share customized data maps

Target Map

It is the easiest way to create and share customized data maps. This site also regarded as free online mapping tool. You can locate your records by zip/postal codes or territory names. This site is focused mainly to allow everyone across the globe to represent their data on maps of any country and to share their knowledge with whole internet …

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This site is powerful web based management software for intelligent business. It has efficient features with work flow practices to create and manage your tasks. The projects can be prioritized and marked with a status, also automatically integrated with hardtree’s Calendar. It also notifies the every progress which is assigned to any number of users or team. This site is …

Read More – Organize your Domains


It is a brand new tool for managing all of your domains. You can keep your DNS records organized and add all domains which are directly responsible for performance. The DNS records which are supported are A, CNAME, MX, SPF, URL (Forwarding), TXT, NS, PTR and AAAA. Unlimited number of records for each domain can also be registered. They are …

Read More – Everything is reviewed


It is a site for reviews and statistics. You could think of an instrument which easily brings up global wide of reviews on different categories. There are reviews like People review, Place review, Game review, Product reviews, Movie reviews, Book reviews and other reviews. You can choose in the categorization tab which exhibits only homogenous results at a time like …

Read More – Organizing brain in a better way


This site has service providers for organizing every task in a better way. By this service you can be self –organized by developing series of lists in which you set down your every task. The tasks can be periodically receives its own priority. The workflow greets you with black screen and has many lists as you desired. You can also …

Read More – Facebook Constructor made simple


This site has native Facebook application which presents you a real WISIWYG editor. Choose any one of the predefined templates, upload your images and edit the text. You can publish with your selected templates. The editor permits you to create basic text formatting, change the font’s shapes and sizes, you can change background and text color. You have free Fabooco …

Read More – Shortens your URL links


They are service providers for URL shorteners. It also lets you select exactly what kind of page you are sharing. Incase if you are sharing a YouTube or Vimeo link, then you will be able to use a version of which has been developed for these purposes. Their special video shortener helps to redirect the user for a complete …

Read More – Create your own facebook page tabs

Splash Tab

It is a tool which you can use for creation of custom tabs within the Facebook page of your company. You can publish tabs to your page with ease, also it is possible to edit and swaps tabs as often as you desire. You can very well stand out from the audience with custom tabs which looks more professional. It …

Read More – Perfect tool for Online Advertisers


They are perfect platform which permits advertisers to run and manage Mobile, Banner, Search, Facebook and video ads all from one place. It saves online advertisers time and money. It also develops a one-stop source for advertisers to purchase, track and manage local ad buys in one place, as opposed to individually managing these tasks. If you have accounts on …

Read More – Alerts you everything


It is a reminder service which you can use for free. All that you have to do is provide your email address when prompted and tell Alertful the exact date it should send you a reminder. By performing this procedure a reminder is developed and sent when the time comes. They remind you all of the important events by email. …

Read More – Search for best movies to watch

Your Next Film

They are service providers for recommendation engine for best movies to watch. You can find movies which are best of lot and glue enjoy during your holidays. They provide searches in several ways like typing name of the director, actor you love and top lists. You can also try from another list like IMDb, biggest grossing films and best movies …

Read More – Online form builder

Online Form Builder

Contact forms,event registration, help and support forms, web survey , polls , data collection, interactive messaging forms are some of the forms you can create with HOTforms123. The form results are collected and posted to your account immediately.

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