– Capture your best of YouTube videos


This site helps to watch good quality videos that are uploaded in YouTube. In fact twenty five hours of video is uploaded to YouTube for every minute. So it almost takes approximately more than 1700 years to view all those millions of videos. Several of the videos are handpicked and they are in HD, iPhone ,ipad also.

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Cheep is a small browser add-on. It helps you find the best deal by exhibiting the accurate price comparisons from all around the web industry. They also exhibit community which permits to share your shopping activity like what you purchase, where you browsed, whether you liked and about cost factor.

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It monitors your multiple traffic and rank at the click of a button. They allow you to monitor multiple sites and analyze for stats such as Pagerank, Alexa rank, Feedburner subscribers, Twitter and more. They give quick review to your sites, web performance and act as tool to save your precious time in case if you have number of sites.

Read More – Solutions for Project Management


t has everything for solutions in Project management at the click of a button. They have six valuable features namely Time Tracking, File sharing, File storage, Social networking, Expand/Compress View and Quick Status View.

Read More – Find and Date with people on likes of Music


he site simply called dating for music lovers who have same enigma and passion. Once if they have found someone you are interested in you then you can very well favorite them to let others know you are keen or message if you would like stay touch with them.

Read More – Measure your happiness

Tweet Sentiments

It is one of the interesting applications which you can enjoy and wonder of happiness in this world. You can take this site as reference tool for measuring the happiness of world people.

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Earn extra with the help of Internet

Make Money

Internet has become the most important part of our lives and the need for Internet is only increasing with the time. In this economic conditions also, the Internet has helped people solve their problems regarding money.

Read More – It’s all for Micro business professionals


A platform which permits small and micro business owners, fresh entrepreneurs as well as freelancers to stay challenging in today’s ever moving global market

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Online bug and issue tracking system with the simplest way to manage projects, track bugs, add tasks and store all your important documentation

Read More – Modern day Newspaper

Follow Yours

The global readers can read of any interesting topics right from Hitler to Sadam Hussain. If any global user interested in cricket you would get news or updates which have been tagged as Cricket.

Read More – Stay up-to-date

Projects 2 Manage

This site is developed for people who wants to stay-up-to date, on task and always connected with your dedicated team members. It is one of the effective online project management applications which serve to take control over your projects with applications like messaging, to-do lists, reminders, Spot2Jot, file management and time tracking. It has important writing application called Spot2Jot which …

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The concept is so simple that you can launch a website which could host top interesting topics subject to any matter instead of concentrating on only one subject. By this you can get many people from several communities.

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