Always BHappy – You Dont Need a Reason to Smile

If craziness is what makes you happy, then go out and start dancing in the public. There’s no reason for you to stop your feet just because it’s not normal to do so. Take for example Flash mobs. I don’t know who invented the concept but whoever did has added one of the most beautiful […]

Read more – New Dimension to Your Creativity

On a website, you can see many banners and the more popular the website is, the more banners you’ll see there. All of these banners are advertisements that when clicked take you to a pre-determined location. They are considered the best and most efficient way to promote your business. It works on a simple formula: […]

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Birthday Board: Make your loved ones feel loved

Birthdays are special days that we associate with sharing joy and happiness with family and friends alike. They create memories worth preserving for a lifetime. At the same time, a special friend missing out to wish you on your birthday can roughen things up greatly. In the midst of your busy lifestyle, it can be […]

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SuperWeather – Keeps Your Head Cool with Updates

Knowing about weather conditions is the most important factor that one should do in their day to day life. That too if you are living in a part of world where the weather conditions are adverse then it’s part of your life. Not all weather forecasts are accurate all the time. There are several applications […]

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Tasty Bingo – Sweet Taste of Money

“The fruit of patience is sweet”. I think most of us are familiar with this proverb but how many of us actually believe in it is debatable. In this modern world, everybody is looking for quick money. Everybody knows that the creators of WhatsApp earned so and so billion dollars within 5 years but no […]

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Aces Vegas Casino Slots – Let’s Play it Big !

Casinos can be regarded as the most luxurious places on the planet earth. You might have seen many exotic hotels and heard about the most beautiful houses of the world, but casinos have a brand of their own. You can see decorated interiors of casinos with beautiful bright lights spread over the whole expanse and […]

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Fight for your Life in Shadow Fight 2

If you want a fighting game that is full of enthusiasm and action then you have to check out the Google play store to search for one. There are numerous action games in the store but a shadow fighting game is always a great addition to your kitty. You can check out the new game […]

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iVox – International Calls Made Easy with Cheap and Free Credits

iVox Call International is a huge help to those who work or live abroad and wish to stay connected with their family and friends at home. In any country, phone service providers charge more for making international calls. iVox is compatible with all  iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. iVox stands out because you can call […]

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360 Security- Antivirus Free: A complete optimization

Now that Smartphones have taken the place of computers and laptops, you expect them to develop the same vulnerabilities and there is a constant threat to your phone from virus and malware. Still, you can see that most of us don’t have an anti-virus installed in our system. We have so many anti-virus Software in […]

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Hooked on Words- Quite Literally

Scrabble is one of those word games that gets you hooked very easily. Once you start a game, putting it away until the entire board has been exhausted is quite a challenge. In fact, this is true for all word games in general. One such addictive game is the iOS app Hooked on Words. This […]

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ASK ASKME for All Business Details

There are several apps available in the play store and you download them for different purposes. They take up a lot of disk space and data usage and you cannot do anything about it. Some apps tell you about the closely located restaurants, while some apps give you access to the active feeds, and some […]

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Fox Tales: Rocket Run – Survival of the Fittest

Going for trekking in the mountains is a heavenly experience. You get to see the divine beauty of nature and a feeling of déjà vu comes up as if you’ve seen that before, maybe in a painting or a movie. You’re touching the clouds and the only thing left to complete your dream is a […]

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OMNISTAR – Your “POLE STAR” For Success

Marketing has been a field job for years when people used to go door to door to advertise or sell their products. Of course, every small businessman doesn’t have the potential to invest in Television ads and therefore the only way would be either setting up huge banners on roads or asking for help in […]

Read more – The “BIG” Leap

It is fine to admit that a Smartphone interface can’t be classified as intuitive or user friendly as of a laptop/PC. The problem is the small screen which is ultimately the difference between a laptop and a Smartphone. Problem is actually two fold; if the screen is small, you can’t type quickly and watching movies […]

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Start Making the Money with a Successful Business Online

Making a lot of money is not as simple as just starting a site and offering products for sale. You need to know which markets are growing as well as what products and services are in demand. By having a clearer understanding of which categories are profit-generators, it’s possible for your online business to make […]

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EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation – A Synonym for Reliance

A piece of paper can be worth billions if it belongs to Bill Gates. It might not have a picture of the President of your country, but your boss’s signature is more important at the time of promotion. I think we all understand the importance of documents whether it’s a digital photograph of yours or […]

Read more – Looking for a Movie?

It’s a holiday and I want to see a movie. But I don’t know which movie to pick as there are so many choices. So I start with my favourite genre: Adventure and as I type it in the Google search box, here I have lists of top 100 movies according to different critics and […]

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