YAPA – Send And Receive Yaps: A New Level Of Social media!


Sharing statuses on various social media platform helps in sharing your moments; YAPA is one of a kind social media platform where people find it really easy to share their moods and many other related things: everything is done to make it easy and possible to get relieved of the mental stress! The sharing of content called Yaps: could be …

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Best Social Media Analytics and Reporting Tools


Regardless if you’re a marketer or not, you’re aware of the importance social media analytics and reporting tools have. When you want to grow Instagram followers, they are the ones helping you figure out whether you’re gaining them or losing them. Moreover, social media analytics tools are also useful if you want to measure the engagement with your posts, as …

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Where Social Media Meets Honesty


YouTube sensation Casey Neistat and former Tumblr engineer Matt Hackett launched their social video app, Beme, in July 2015 to much fanfare. The reaction was swift, with half a million downloads within just a few days and critics speaking in glowing terms about its fresh, unique approach. However, the buggy beta version didn’t live up to its promise. Neistat spent …

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Kaboom – Must Have App to Manage Social Media

Kaboom Webapprater

Kaboom is an application for IOS devices available on the apple store where you can take or upload photos, set them to disappear, and share them with your friends. You choose however long you would like it to stay up before it is deleted. You have complete control over all of your photos posted and do not need to worry …

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Nearest5, a new way to social media

Nearest5 Webapprater

Nearest5 is an application that puts being social back in the hands of the crowd. With social media controlling majority of most daily lives, it breathes a breath of fresh air in an online industry that, for some, has become quite mundane. Facebook is loaded down with apps and games that generate for complaints than entertainment. Is Instagram the world’s …

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3 Questions That Change the Way We Think About Online Social Media Strategy


As a business owner, you’ve heard about social media and the value of it in your business marketing strategy. You may even have a Facebook page or a Twitter account you use to communicate with your customers. That’s a good start, but without a web page where your clients and customers can visit, you are missing a key opportunity. Consider …

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Listnerd.com – Interactive Social Media for Creating and Managing Lists


Everyone is busy these days including the kids. When we have so many things going on simultaneously in our life it is very common to forget one thing or the other. In order to plan our day-to-day activities and keep things under control, we make lists for each and every activity, for e.g., grocery list, holiday shopping list, list of …

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Click Fun – Social Media Gaming Platform

Click Fun Banner

Click Fun is a newly launched social media gaming platform, which allows users to play a number of fun, exciting free slot games online. Click Fun works via social media platform Facebook, however you can also visit their website and play the range of games without the need to log in via Facebook. If you want to gain the full …

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Socialdefender.com – All in One Social Media Manager

Social Defender

The growth of social media network is reaching its peak day by day. In the meantime the usage of social media websites and tools has increased triple the time. In an enthusiasm everybody would like to register in all new social media networks and everybody would be interested in sharing their friend’s circle about the new social media network, but …

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Social Media Strategies for your Company Promotion

With social media being the craze among modern day online users, companies are trying to bank on the social media platforms not only to stay in touch with their clients but also for effective and successful promotional benefits. While previously website design was the most sought after way to create a web presence, nowadays social media rules the roost with …

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5 Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs

Social Media Tools

Entrepreneurs are always having thirst of promoting their business in someway. Probably, they all know the power of social media but fail to know the importance of social media tool. Knowing the functionality and uses of social media tool will help them to attain their goal soon in start up. Social media tools will be helpful in company communication, brand …

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SocialToo.com – Social media web tool

Social Too

It is best guide to the Social web where it controls Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. It clubs your potent stream and Social Graph so you can target on what is the most important relationships.

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