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Societal Labs is an attractive social media template. They perfectly answer countless hours spent building a social media site. Create your own social media platform using the best template available at Societal Labs.

Key Features of Societal Labs

The features required to launch a fantastic social media platform are given below. Whether you want to build a Facebook clone or an entirely new concept, these are the features you’ll need to get started.

Social Timeline

  • Enable your users to post using various methods, including text, images, and GIFs.

Dark Mode

  • Permit your users to choose between dark and light modes for the best experience.

Post Sharing

  • Allow your users to easily share social posts via Twitter, Whatsapp, email, or by copying the link.


  • Let your users express themselves through stories like Snapchat and TikTok.

User Profiles

  • Enable your users to use their profiles as online resumes, and it’s entirely up to you.

Mobile Responsive

  • The template has been designed to work on both computers and most mobile devices.


  • Permit your users to communicate with one another within your platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Bubble account required to use the Societal Labs template?

Yes, the template is powered by You will need a account to install and use the Societal Labs template. While you can use the free version to build or customize your site, you will need to upgrade to a paid account before launching it.

Is there a monthly fee for the template?

They do not charge you to use the template monthly or yearly, nor do they charge you any other recurring fees once you purchase it. Remember that you must pay for the Bubble account monthly.

Do you offer customer service?

Facebook Group, offer basic customer service. They will answer basic questions about the template and its functionality. They also regret not providing free custom development for the template.

Final Words

Societal Labs is an attractive social media template. With 90% solution template, you can create sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram in hours. Enable your users to share stories, posts, comments, reactions, and more with one of the platform’s dozen features.

Web App: Societal Labs


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