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With the World Cup just around the corner, many people will be busy putting together their fantasy football teams. They will be picking the perfect squad of players they think would be unbeatable in the tournament. Rather than selecting the players their country has, they can pick their dream team.

Now imagine if you could do the same with your poker hand. Imagine if, instead of having to make the most of the cards you have, you could create your dream hand by changing your current cards or the next. No more trying to bluff that pair of fives. No more missing out on that run or flush with a single, frustrating card.

This is the exciting, new concept behind the latest version of the PokerStars mobile app. It’s called Power Up, and it is your chance to play fantasy poker and enjoy the run of your life. The Power Up features include the chance to force your opponents to partially reveal their hands, as well as taking a sneak peek at the next card in the deck. You can forget folding all the time because you can change your Texas Hold ‘Em hole cards instead, as well as changing or destroying the community cards to give you the best chance of a winning hand.

It might not be the best way of playing the game, but it does give you the chance to experience what it would be like to get one of those legendary hands without having to hide an ace up your sleeve. After all, with the odds of being dealt a royal flush just 1 in 649,740, you’d have to play 20 hands every day for almost 90 years to get the best hand under normal circumstances. But with Power Up, you can maneuver yourself into this unbeatable winning position more often.

Best of all, as a new player, you’ll get five free tickets to try out the Power Up feature in tournament play if you register before March 31st, with no deposit required.

Of course, the rest of the PokerStars app is based on conventional card play, with a range of games to play against the house or against live players from around the world. You can choose five card stud, Omaha and the popular Texas Hold ‘Em, and play for fun or make it interesting by playing for a range of different pots to suit your budget and skill level. You can even take part in qualifying tournaments for live poker games in exotic places like Monte Carlo and the Caribbean.

Brought to you by the world’s biggest poker platform, the PokerStars mobile app is rated five stars by more than half of all the players on Google Play. It is also rated an average 4.5/5 from 6,800 reviews on the App Store, so you can be sure of the best in card playing fun. The new app (version 1.94.0) requires the Android 4.0 or iOS 9.0, and the game carries a PEGI 18 rating.