Magic Trump

Magic Trump

Generally people grew up with variety of apps in all kinds; so when the popular genres are illustrated they can’t assist but have the eager to check it out for myself, which is what actually happened with Magic Trump developed by Nirva Apps, LLC. If users are searching for a special kind of app to sink their mind into this …

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Chinese stroke order – Learn Chinese characters

Chinese Strokes

While most of my leisure time is spent on using learning apps these days, every now and then I wish to take a long break with some popular apps of iOS and Android learning apps. If people followed news about this app namely Chinese stroke order – Learn Chinese characters developed by Pat Ren, then you will know that how …

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Workplace Inefficiency: Is it Time to Review Your Processes?


Have you ever thought about the number of processes that you follow during the average working day? There will be dozens. You are a creature of habit, and whether the processes are defined in formal business guidelines or whether you do them out of routine, you do them. You follow the same steps to carry out your routine tasks – …

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Start your own Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptoex Image

Cryptocurrency Exchange is one of most attractive business model in modern day world. The global finance market is changing and most people are ready to invest in Cryptocurrencies. There is a good business scope in this market segment Apart from Technology, Security and Brand, the investors are more attracted towards the User Experience and the Support. This makes it possible …

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Privy-Top-Secret : Secured Private Communications

Privy Webapprater

Soccer Maniac team has launched a new encryption utility for iphone and ipad users recently .The most distinguishing features of this app is it sends the instantly encrypted messages in total privacy without no servers ,just secure encryption.It will leave no traces of messages to be accessed by unintended users. It is easy to use app and the installation is …

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Ramboat : How Awesome the Game is !

Ramboat Webapprater

Remember the Jetpack Joyride game? Remember that endless game when it seems like you will never finish it and the more you survive the more you want to finish that game. Ramboat is also one of those endless games in which you have to defend yourself in order to survive. Don’t imagine that this game is a one level interminable …

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Recruitment Software: The Best In The Field

Recruitment Software

If you’ve ever worked in a staffing agency, you’d know the importance of recruitment Software. In webapprater, we present you with a full list of recruiting software.

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ReferralCandy – Simple but Awesome Traffic Driver

Referral Candy

ReferralCandy is an application created by Zach C, enabling easy setting up and measuring of referral marketing. Those who are used to using Dropbox’s referral program will find it easy to understand how it works. It offers businesses a platform offering a plug and play solution.

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Staffing Software works in the same sense as a manager. It keeps record of every single employee, his shift timings for the whole month, any overtime if done by the employees and manages the payroll as well.

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TalentLMS – Learning with Full Concentration/ No Distraction

Talent Lms

Small as well as medium organizations can make use of the handy learning platform Talent LMS. The app is aimed at making eLearning technologies more affordable, so that both small and big companies can access it. The app runs from the cloud, hence, there are no hassles of uploading or upgrading.

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Zoho Pulse for Enhanced Productivity

Zoho Pulse

Pulse is a new business app in the social network category launched by Zoho. The app can also be connected to Zoho’s other apps, such as Zoho’s calendar and Docs. It has all the usual social media features, such as private messages, blogs and notifications. You can also search for people for groups, somewhat similar to Facebook and other social …

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Some Useful Addresses For Web Fonts

Web Fonts

Selecting the right font for your website might need an expert’s choice, though most rely on the same fonts like Arial or Georgia. There are many websites with the same content, so as a designer you must realize to use proper fonts as well to lead the row. Today, we’re going to discuss some web addresses that have marked their spot in the field of fonts as legendary

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